Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yarn Along :: Grandad's Birthday

My knitting mojo has returned, yay!  Since December I have knit one pair of socks for me, a Bohmeme for Pip and my ta-da moment an Aestlight Shawl!

 Busy Making.

 All finished.

 If you look closely you'll see that I'm wearing another hand knit, a Kate Davis design, Owls, they just need eyes adding so at the minute they are asleep!

Pip's Boheme.

On my needles is a knitted bunny for a friend's baby girl and then after that I will cast on a birthday crown for another friend.  Dave's mum has also asked for an Aestlight shawl in similar colours to mine, so I think I can happily say that my needles will be busy for some time.  As for reading I am plodding my way through Understanding Exposure 3rd Edition it is proving to be a very easy and informative read.

It was Grandad H's birthday yesterday so they came to spend a day with us and share a tea time birthday treat, as well as bring other useful items from Uncle Bernard's house.  This lovely man was a serious hoarder and the house clearing will take several more weeks to complete, but so many people have benefited from his tendencies that the positives out way the negative.  One of the treasured items from today's visit was a set of dish ware from Aunty Monica (UB and Grandad's sister) to her mum and dad:

 Aunty Monica lived in the states for several years and we think these beautiful dishes were from that time.

Birthday Boy.

 Nanna helping Benedict with his motorbike model.

Using those grey cells!

 Playing "Go Fish"

Pip looking tired, it has been a busy and happy day.


  1. That shawl is gorgeous. And did you knit the owl jumper? It's lovely. I can't imagine ever being able to knit something like that! x

  2. It certainly looks like a lovely day, and I am SERIOUSLY impressed with all the knitting you have been doing. I keep telling myself I'd like to do more, but I'm too easily distracted right now. xx

  3. I love the shawl, it's gorgeous :) xx

  4. congratulations san! everything is so beautiful. i'm really impressed by your owl sweater. i've never tried a kate davies design, but have always wanted to:)

    it's so nice to see all of you celebrating grandad's birthday! it's special to be all together.

    sending lots of love . .

  5. Oh goodness - your mojo returned with gusto didn't it!
    Your shawl is stunning and I clocked your lovely owls jumper before reading your words. Can't wait to see what flies off your needles next x


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