Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Benedict is minecraft crazy and just loves building houses and villages.  So far he has built me a castle complete with sewing room, a garden balcony and a huge library complete with comfy chairs and a roaring fire!  With this in mind I decided to resurrect the uncompleted Waldorf curriculum from last year and today at his choosing we watched a you tube documentary from 1949 on the Innuit Tribe and afterwards he wrote about what he had learnt and decorated the front cover of his book:

We have shifted our learning zone into the front room which also doubles as a playroom.  I borrowed the fold down table from the caravan and it sits neatly under the bay window.  Benedict sits on a dining room chair and I use the nursing chair nearby!  This chair no longer rocks as it is in a permanent fixed position.  It is a very comfortable chair and for that I am grateful as I have injured my back, I have know idea how, but moving around is rather challenging at the moment.

  Thanks to Eva and her post and links to a chore chart site, Benedict has his own pack of activities: Morning, Lunchtime and Evening.  He has been such a great help these past few days and even undertook some extra chores today to help ease the burden on both Dave and myself.


  1. Way to go, Benedict! Shelters and house building are very interesting, aren't they? I am so glad you get to learn about them. All my children loved learning about them. Maybe you could try building a bean pole or sunflower house outdoors in the spring!! That would be great hiding place in the summer. You could disappear into it with a good book.

    And you are also using your chore charts! It feels good to accomplish things, doesn't it? And you are such a good helper to your mother. I know it makes her very happy and proud of you.

    San, I read about JUMP Math the other day. It is supposed to be effective for children that have difficulty with math. It is a Canadian math program, but has also been used in Great Britian with success. Maybe it would help Benedict.

    1. I meant "Great Britain" of course.

    2. Thanks Eva for the info about the Maths I will check it out x

  2. Oh poor you with your back - hope you can still knit! Good for Benefict helping out too xxx

  3. it's such great work! both of you must feel very pleased! i'll have to look up that documentary on the innuit tribe . . i bet it was interesting! congrats too on the room makeover! that's always a big accomplishment!

  4. Oooh hope your back is feeling better Hun.


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