Sunday, 5 January 2014

Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, a young man declared his love and an engagement was sealed with a rubber band!  Fast forward ten days and this was swapped for a white gold and single diamond beauty:

And here are some pictures of the happy couple:

Needless to say both families are very pleased ~ Tom is a very special young man and we are blessed to know not just him but his family too.  They are looking towards autumn 2015 as a proposed wedding date, so there is plenty of time to plan and prepare.

On the ninth day of Christmas we received a special parcel from our dear friends in the West Village, Manhattan, New York:

 Always lovely to receive surprise packages in the mail.


 Local News

 Pip opening her parcel tied up with string ~ one of her very favourite things, a DVD of The Nutcracker!  Not just any old DVD but one where we get to see Chanda dance, boy that girl is very talented!  Here you can see her getting ready for her turn as Mary in the show.   

 Ah, thinks mum, I know what this is!

 One happy Harry Potter fan ...

 ... spinning a little magic!

 Oak and Dragonsclaw, 16 1/2"

 This tea is the best ever!  I wonder if I could get an import licence for this stuff, it 
is seriously good.  Our almost son-in-law is a tea and coffee snob (his mum's words not mine!) and he was really taken with this brew.

 Not a terribly flattering picture of me wearing my lovely earwarmer/headband, which I wore as a neck warmer!!  Dorina's email this morning put me straight, either way it is gorgeous and just my colour too.  Pip also received one of these in a lovely pink.

Thanks guys for thinking of us and sending such a lovely, thoughtful box of goodies.


  1. Just been catching up with your posts, San abd such wonderful news. Congratulations to Sara and Tom - they are a lovely couple -he is a lucky man xxx

  2. Congratulations to the lovely young couple, and please tell me more about that tea!

    1. I could just do with smello-vision and upload you a brew! It smell of chocolate and spices and is just so comforting on a cold, wet and windy winter's day. It's no good I'll have to see if I can order it from somewhere, if i'm lucky i'll send you some!


    2. The website for the tea is the blend we have is the west village blend with rooibos, cacao, vanilla bean and masala spices.

  3. What fabulous news! Many congratulations to Sarah and Tom xxx ( and that tea looks like something else x) L xx

  4. Congratulations, again!! May I ask if Tom is of Eastern European descent? He reminds me of friends I have from those countries. Would you like to skype on Wednesday or Thursday?

    1. I suppose he does look Eastern European but as far as I know his family are from British descent. Thursday would be the best time to Skype. If I skype you around 9pm our time which assuming you are five hours behind will be 4pm your time. Do I need your skype details, if so can you email me them?

      Hope you are having a good day.

      San xx

      PS I did try leaving a birthday message for Jonathan but not sure if blogger actually put it through.

    2. Could we make it 4:15 p.m. ? The girls have ballet at 4:00 p.m. (unless they cancel again because of the weather) and we have Miriam's friend here until 4:00 p.m. I always have to do their hair. I will ask Peter to send you the Skype details because it is his account.

      I got your good wishes for Jonathan. Thanks so much!


    3. 4:15 or just after is fine, looking forward to catching up with you.

      Glad that Jonathan received his birthday wishes.

      Love San xx

    4. Just sent you an e-mail about Skype via computer.

    5. We are having another of our over the pond blog chats!! Thanks for the skype details the computer is shut down for the night and I am typing from my phone. Will check email tomorrow, hope you have had a good day.

      San xx

    6. Yes, so funny to go back and forth over such a long distance. It's been really cold, too cold to be out. We are working on getting all the Christmas letters addressed so we can mail them out tomorrow. Lots of work. We are also working on thank-you notes and Peter and I on our syallabi. Good night to you!

  5. The tea looks amazing, hope it warms and heals. Many, many congratulations to Sara and Tom they look so happy together.

  6. Hello San, I just sent you an email :) We're so glad you liked the gifts! Chocolate Bar is a pretty neat place. I'll just have to keep you in stock with good tea:)

    You must be walking on air! Sara and Tom are a beautiful couple and look so happy together. How exciting to have a wedding to plan. It'll be so much fun. Congratulations to all of you :)


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