Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Self Esteem

At the start of this year, I did an unusual, yet in retrospect totally obvious thing ... I asked God for guidance in our home school journey!  Yes, me of a faith and love of God had neglected to ask Him for help in this journey, doh!! This does not mean that I can sit back and do nothing but knowing He is their to guide me is such a reassurance.

With this in mind I thought it would be useful to start afresh and where better but Psalm 139, a reminder of our worth and God's hand in our lives from pre- conception and beyond.  You see I was acutely aware that both mine and Benedict's self esteem had taken a battering this past year; him as the student, in never quite getting it right and me as the supposed teacher, lacking in patience and feeling helpless to inspire.  We read the whole psalm together and I did my best to explain how we are precious in God's eyes, that we are unique, that God loves us as we are and that he knew of our being even before time began.  I then asked Benedict to lie down on some spare wall paper and drew around his outline.  We then worked together in making another Benedict:

 Busy Floor.


 Bigger than me!

 Flat Benedict as opposed to Stanley!

 Me and My Shadow.

In our next session, I am hoping for us both to list all of Benedict's attributes not just in abilities but also character and these will be printed on lables and stuck on the "mini - me" who is currently blu tacked to our bedroom door, hope I don't mistake him for an intruder in a half sleep!


  1. Looks like he really enjoyed this!! Now you could practice measurements here. Like, how long is my arm, my leg, my head, etc. Was it Benedict's idea to make him all blue?

    1. The blue was his clothing at the time.

      Eva you're a star I would never have thought of getting him to measure himself! This will be next on our list x

    2. Maybe he will get into numbers after all :).


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