Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gratitude * Sunday

I'm joining in with Taryn and friends and offering thanks for the past week:

For a lovely afternoon with my Sara, Benedict and Pip.  We were treated to glorious sunshine and a peace.

For the safety of my friends, Eva and Dorrina, prayers were truly answered that night.

For the kind soul who left me this note:

and for Dave who had left this in the car:

no need for road side assistance and one happy mama able to make her journey home in safety.

For the Lord speaking to me most powerfully through a picture, God is good!

For All Hallows Eve and for Sara baking and pumpkin carving with Benedict and Pip.  For being able to share our "soul cakes" with some intrepid travellers as they braved the winds and rain.

For a lunchtime date with our lovely daughter Kath and the chance to gently pat a teeny tiny baby bump!

For Dave making good progress with the lounge decorating.  We are nearing the end, I'll be so glad to have everything back in its place!

For making good progress with the Christmas knitting and at the same time making good use of some stashed yarn.  I have the list in my head for if I commit to paper I might just panic at the enormity of it all!

For playtime with Pip:

and for her singing, "Here we go round the mouldy bush all on a Sunday morning!"  Priceless!
Have a blessed week.
San x


  1. Thank goodness for kind strangers, if you had driven off you would have had to replace the tyre! Love the song, could catch on, some of the bushes in my garden get a bit mouldy at this time of year!

  2. I love "here we go round the moldy bush" hahaha!!

  3. moldy bush, hilarious. :) what a lovely list.

  4. Pip is quite inventive and funny! It must be hard to keep from laughing when she is singing it.

    You are really lucky that your tire got fixed so fast.

    Greetings from grey and cold New York.

  5. How beautiful,It's really humbling to be grateful isn't it, when you realise how many things we have to be grateful for. So pleased you are happy. Love to all, God Bless xx

  6. San,
    Loving that playing picture.

    Glad you were able to get home safe.


  7. hello san,

    your prayers and good thoughts have meant so much to me. i'm happy to be back reading your posts and struggling to put up my own :) hooray for electricity and warm houses. my prayers are still with all of those struggling . . and this storm coming. winter has rushed in to new york. i had a feeling it might, since last year winter was non-existent!

    love to you all.


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