Monday, 29 October 2012

Home School Fun

I never thought I'd be writing that title!!  Thanks to a lovely chat with my friend Eva followed by an even lengthier and much appreciated email, we were done with formal academics by lunchtime.  Both the kids and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  No scowling, shouting or frustration, just a calm gettting on with our activities.  For the first time ever we had a circle time and since big sister Sara was on a mid term break from college she joined in.  We said our morning offering:

Father in Heaven I give you this day,
All that I think and do and say,
I give you the good times as well as the bad,
The times when I'm happy, the times when I'm sad,
Fill me with grace and make me strong,
With you at my side, I can't go wrong.

We marched around the room counting and clapping in twos and played Pip's favourite action song "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!".  I'm waiting on further information from Live Ed so we only worked on our Maths, English and Handwriting.  Pip also likes to "work" alongside Benedict so I photocopy some "fun sheets" for her and she matches shapes, colour and counts until she's had enough.  She has just learnt to write her own name so is quite happy to sign her work accordingly.

I made best use of Sara being at home and when Pip was finished with her desk time the two of them made tonight's evening meal ~ Shepherd's Pie.  A good old standby and one that can cope with slow cooking, since we would be out in the afternoon.

After lunch we dropped Dad off to have lunch with Fr L and then the rest of us made our way to Myerscough College Library so that Sara could print some pictures for her recent landscaping assignment and then hand it in to the Horticultural Department next door.

No Manual Mode Monday photos this week as these were taken on my phone!  I remember reading somewhere that the best camera you have is the one with you at the time, if that makes sense.  So here are the shots from the visit:

 Sara organising her work.
Pip's choice Female Football and Hen Keeping!  Mine Practical Photography!
They did a great job and keeping fairly quiet.
The rows of books, lighting, red carpet and the smell transported me back to my student days.
Busy Reading.
A bit blurred but I like the expression on her face.
Once we'd finished in the library and handed in the assignment, we made our way to the restaurant for take out hot drinks.  I was also able to snap some of Sara's work that has pride of place in such a prominent area:

This last image was a wildflower border and during the summer months was a riot of colour, it gave Sara quite a headache in the planning and design, not least because it would be seen by staff, visitors and students as they go about their day.
This last image is one taken at Shalom Prayers this evening.  My friend Sallie led a visual meditation and this image spoke so powerfully to me:
I Have Seen The Lord
Where the mist rises from the sea,
Where the waves creep upon the shore,
Where the wrack lifts upon the strand,
I have seen the Lord.
Where the sun awakens day,
Where the road winds on its way,
Where the fields are sweet with hay,
I have seen the Lord.
Where the stars shine in the sky,
Where the streets so peaceful lie,
Where the darkness is so nigh,
I have seen the Lord.
The Lord is here,
The Lord is there,
The Lord is everywhere.
The Lord is high,
The Lord is low,
The Lord is on the path I go.
" Tides and Seasons ~ David Adam"
Thinking and praying for all those on the East Coast of America in particular my dear friends Eva and Dorina Louise.



  1. Beautiful post San. I love those prayers. Will meditate on thoughts brought up from David Adams words today.
    Love to Sara xx

  2. Thank you for sharing those prayers, they are both beautiful.

  3. I hope this is the start of a new rhythm? Missing you all.

  4. I'm so glad for a successful day! The pictures with Pip are so cute. I'm happy for you and sending you love and success for many days like this.

    What a lovely morning offering and poem. We are okay, lots of power outages around us, but not in our hamlet! That must have been your prayers -- you must be a mighty prayer warrior, didn't I also find my rings after your were praying!? I'll answer your last e-mail soon!

  5. I'm so relieved that you are OK. I was grateful that Korrina had posted via her smartphone to say that they were also fine. Kind of funny but a word from the Lord many moons ago made referrence to my being a prayer warrior!

    Love to you all
    San xx

  6. I must have sensed that :).

  7. i agree with eva . . that picture of pip is CUTE! what gorgeous cheeks!

    i'm glad you are back in a good homeschooling rhythm. i'm in a rough patch myself. i just have to jump in. chanda is going to be 13 in a week, and i think i'm finding the transition difficult to negotiate . . and morgana is out and about more on her own. i have to find a new rhythm . . i have to jump into a new rhythm!

    your prayers and flower pictures are beautiful! sara has a special touch!



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