Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gratitude Sunday and Martinmas

So grateful that the decorating is finished!  Also giving thanks for:

Flowers from friends, an impromptu gathering around the dinner table and plenty of food to share.

The "flowers" are actually ornamental cabbage!

For a two days of sunshine, warming the heart and lifting the spirits.

For gluten free bread and pizza making using a  Polish potato bread recipe ~ it turned out good.

A quiet prayer time with Dave, whilst Sara, Benedict and Pip attended church parade on Rememberance Sunday.

Regular sewing time during this week.  Whilst Sara and Dave held the fort downstairs with childcare and kitchen duty, I was in the loft room and the result thus far is a corduroy dress for me, with another ready to go and some Christmas/ Birthday gifting from this book:

Making steady progress with the Christmas knitting too.  With a bit of luck and hard work, I think most of the gifts this year will be handmade.  Great for the planet and our budget!
For painting time and a Martinmas Lantern glowing peacefully in our prayer corner:
If you look closely you'll see her tongue sticking out!  She was concentrating hard!
I had a go too.  It was a welcome antidote to an otherwise very challenging day!
Sara did a fab job cutting out the pentagon shapes and then gluing it all together.
Thanks to Taryn for reminding me to stop and give thanks.


  1. your lantern turned out lovely.
    that book looks so great. a friend of mine has it and really likes it.

  2. Beautiful lantern, San. We used to have a similar one, but the candle ate it . . .

    1. Our candle is in a glass container so we should hopefully get plenty of use from the lantern, assuming little fingers and not so little fingers don't decide to mess with it!!

  3. hello san, what a beautiful lantern, and beautiful painting . . you and pip!

    i'm impressed with your homemade gifts . . i'd like to have more of those :) let's see what i can do in these next few weeks! but i've two birthdays before christmas!!

    by the way . . i love the windows in your kitchen!!! the outside yard looks so pretty! and you had two days of sunshine!! HOORAY!! i like to think we had a hand in that! i'll say a thank you tonight in my prayers :)

    1. Thanks for the sunshine prayers! I think the windows you are referring to are those in the conservatory, which leads off from the lounge. Our kitchen is way too small to house a table! This part of the house is my favourite place to be, regardless of the weather (which is often grey!) it is the lightest and brightest place to sit.

      Hugs to you
      San xx

  4. It's good to hear that you have been able to have some time to do the things you love the most, I hope it gave you some peace and rest whilst creating.

  5. San,
    Beautiful gratitudes. That sewing book looks inspiring and handmade gifts are so special. :)


  6. A lovely way to mark the day x


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