Monday, 12 November 2012

A Productive Day

Thanks be to God and a nudge from my Angel, I was actually up before everyone else!  What a difference it made to the tone of the day and I certainly relished the peace and quiet as I went about the breakfast prep.  We even managed to have our read aloud time whilst folk were still sitting at the table!

Our circle time this morning also incorporated some "Brain Gym" exercises.  I'd learnt about this mode of awakening the brain when I had re-turned to teacher training when Pip was nine months old.  This was  before being called home to teach my own in an unpaid capacity!  I watched the exercises via you tube and we all had fun drawing shapes in the air, wiggling our ears and writing/drawing with our non dominant hand.

We made good progress with our maths and literacy and there has been plenty of down time for the kids to organise there own activities or as Pip calls them, "Activias!"  I even managed further time in the loft and the first of my handmade gifts is nearly finished.

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall saved the day and with the help of this book:

we had drop scones for breakfast, curried fish pie with leeks and greens for lunch, followed by apple turnovers and custard for dessert.


  1. Good to hear that you are having some productive days!

  2. You are so right, it makes a HUGE difference what time the mother gets up! I don't like to get up early (probably because I go to bed too late :)), but if I get up with the children, things don't go very smoothly here. So getting up before them is a major plus.

  3. i went through a period where i could not get up before the children and it was very difficult. now i'm in a nice routine where i wake and stretch and do some yoga exercises after feeding the cats and the dog . . before the girls get up. i like having the quiet time to myself.

    oh san, curried fish pie with leeks and apple turnovers sounds incredibly delicious!! and custard with the turnovers? that's quite an accomplishment! and your morning sounds peaceful and solid and fun.

    sadly, we don't have as much down time as i would like. we used to. but now that they're older they have many outside activities. i dreaded heading out to ice skating lessons this morning . . i just wanted to stay home! but i ended up having a good time and it was great to be out in the fresh nyc (??) air and skating . . albeit in circles! (my friend commented to me: why do we always have to skate in the same direction . . . why can't they switch it occasionally!) ahhh . . city life!


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