Friday, 30 November 2012

Catching Up

I've been quiet in this space, it's either been a case of too tired, can't be bothered or too busy!  I need to get this done as from tomorrow it's day one of the December Photo Project and I'm hoping that I'll manage to shoot a daily pic between then and Christmas Day. So without further ado here is the happenings from this past week:

On Sunday we celebrated the feast of Christ The King~  the last Sunday in Ordinary Time and a special day honouring Jesus.  A feast day can only mean one thing, time to party, so after church we gathered some supplies and a buffet lunch followed by a cheat's trifle was enjoyed by all.  Whilst the kids were making Crown Cakes, Dave and I visited our friends to collect wood and we also popped into the newly furbished Wolf House Gallery.  It was a treat looking around the barn shop and I snapped these pics using my handy phone:

The welcome sign on the cafe wall.

"Here's looking at you-whoo-whoo!"
Handmade Decorations.
Ballerina Doll in a Fairy Cup.
Jolly Robins.
Artist in Residence.
From the outside looking in.
On Monday we caught up with some household chores and school work followed by lunch time mass and then a trip here to meet with some other home educating families.  Sometimes you have to "put out into the deep" as Peter would say  and that is just what I did!  I posted a message on our local yahoo group suggesting a meet and six families turned up.  I'm hoping we can manage to meet on a fortnightly basis, with one meet at a soft play area and the other at a local community centre for a cooking and craft activity.
On Tuesday we attended early morning mass followed by errands.   What a difference it has made being up and out the door by half past eight.  Once home we blew off the cobwebs from our "Things we see in church" lap book and both kids had a great time cutting and gluing.
On Wednesday we had left the house by eight, dropped Pip off at Debs' house and made our way onto the motorway for a ten thirty appointment at Leeds.  This is our second visit and it was not without troubles!  This time instead of lashing rain we had tyre problems and arrived at our destination with two minutes to spare!! I so hate being late!  The appointment went well but there has only been a slight improvment in the HbA1C and so it is down to me to troubleshoot carb ratios with each meal  and aim for a tighter control alround. Not easy.  Despite the minor hiccups I put the time to good use and worked on some mindless knitting:
In car picnic eating and my knitting is in the dash board!

One of these days we'll actually get to visit Kirkstall Abbey.
On the way home we stopped off at the motorway services and found ourselves in Costa:

Benedict had fun with festive menu!

On Thursday we met our home ed friends from the north and after lunch took the kids on a ramble with the promise of a hot chocolate and cake half way round.  Once again I took these pictures using my phone camera and I'm very pleased with results, it beats lugging a DSLR when you are also toting a rucksack and kids!

Taking a breather.
Sunshine and Shadow.
Mini hot chocs for the kids and herb teas for S and me, all courtesy of the Wolf House!
Sunset over the bay.
By the time we arrived back at the car park it was five o'clock and pitch black!  I can tell you we collapsed into bed exhausted that night! 
 I would love to say that we all slept soundly but Dave and I were on diabetic duty.  Despite having had excellent control all day, Benedict ran dangerously high during the late evening and throughout the night.  When I googled "exercise and high blood sugars" I found the reason why and although it was helpful to know why it had happened, it was the last thing I needed having been on my feet for best part of the day.  Needless to say we have had a quiet day today.
So first of December tomorrow, where did the time go?  Time to dig out our Christmas teapot, mugs and other advent decorations and for me to keep up with the frantic knitting!


  1. ooohhh, tired and busy . . i can so relate! it's wonderful to hear from you and the camera pics came out nice. the hot chocolate looked awfully good too! i have many posts to put up and my computer is so slow that it takes forever! can you believe it's time for christmas decorations and the advent wreath on the table? i'm relieved that i put together a dinner for tonight's celebration. i'll be out of the house all day, so this evening was the only time to do it. i also cleaned the bathroom :P feels good to have it done!

    i think your week was very interesting and lovely. church and lapbook time sounded peaceful, and the meetup with friends sounded fun! i really love that picture of kirkstall abbey . . one of these days! i have several similar places like that we need to visit. we need more time!

    hugs to you san. xoxo, dorina.

  2. I like the owl! Is the wood for the fireplace? Ha, you also went to church on Tuesday morning! What time does yours start? The bay picture is also very special. You should do a field trip to the abbey in fourth grade for local history. That would be exiting. How cold is it in your area now?

    1. Yes, wood for the fireplace! The temp has risen today but we were sporting sub zero temps over the weekend. Thanks for the thought re the field trip what a great idea.


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