Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yarn Along

I'm joining Ginny this week for the usual knitting and reading share along:

The dark grey knitting is another Liesl and the green behind is a jumper in the making, you can just see the pattern on the table.  I'm making the zipper necked version.  The two big balls of wool are for a quick knit project!  So in all I have four projects on the go at once which is totally unheard of for me!!

The book is on loan from a friend and is written by Pastor Johann Christoph Arnold. He is a senior pastor from one of the Bruderhof Communities.  The back of the book offers a summary of what is written inside:

" Why Children Matter offers biblical wisdom and common sense advice on how to hold a family together and raise children with character."

It also comes with endorsements from four fairly prominent Catholics: Timothy Cardinal Dolan Archbishop of New York, Alice Von Hildebrand Ph.D, Benedict J Groeschel CFR and Sr Carol Keehan President of The Catholic Health Association.

  The chapters are short in length but challenges the reader  to examine how and why we do things as parents and how we can improve our relationships with our family and through them the wider community.

Happy Knitting and Reading to my fellow yarn along friends and Happy Thanksgiving to those on the other side of the pond!!


  1. Haha four projects at a time is normal for me! ;) Lovely to see your works in progress. :)

  2. good luck on all your projects. i am usually a one project at a time girl, but right now i think i have 5 going! lol

  3. happy knitting san! and thanks for the good thanksgiving wishes :)

  4. Lovely knitting, the yarn looks yummy :-))

  5. I took a look at the Bruderhof link since it sounded so German. They must be similar to the Mennonites. I also found that they founded a Christian high school here in New York. Interesting. How are you liking the book?

    1. It's a lovely read. The chapters are quite short so I usually read one before I settle for the night. It's good old fashioned commonsense backed up with scripture quotes.


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