Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny and friends for another weekly yarn along.


  I've finally finished and blocked the Liesl cardigan, all I need to do is add the buttons and then it will be ready to wear.

I'm knitting another pair of baby socks in the hand dyed organic wool.  I'm supposed to be making stuff for an Etsy shop as part of the Green Parent Team and it's a case of fitting it all in between the countless other tasks demanding my attention!

The book I'm slowly reading is written by this guy and is thought provoking and challenging.  It takes me back to my childhood where wandering, den building and adult free bike rides around the countryside by the time I was ten years old were the norm.  The kids of today are not being given the chance to access that kind of freedom and it is so sad. 

I also received my Simply Knitting magazine in the post and inside as usual were some freebies.  One was a pair of bamboo needles and the other was this package:

DH placed the coin to signify the size and depth of the package!
Give it a squish and ...
... Voila!  One ball of fluffy stuff!
So ladies if you're tripping over your stash and want to make it look smaller than it really is then the secret is vacuum sealed bags!!
I (DH) felt it a shame that this lovely Liesl cardigan that DW has been knitting was not shown in it's true colour, so I retook the photograph in daylight and the result is closer.  I must try to get the white balance sorted in our room lighting!


  1. The Liesl looks lovely, hope you get a chance to wear it before the Winter sets in!

  2. ok, that is cool. what a neat surprise!
    those wee little pink socks... so sweet!

  3. OOh, you're starting a shop too? Yay! (I just dyed lots of sock yarn. We might have to work out a trade haha, I hate knitting socks but love dyeing the wool!)

    1. Yep, you'll find me on the team. I have a shop name but as yet nothing listed!! As for trading that certainly might just be a doable thing!!

  4. Nice tip for the wool. That would work really well for shipping it too. I don't know why I never thought of it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. lol..loving the sealed bags! Never thought about doing that...but will now. Your Liesl looks lovely! I bet you cannot wait to get into it this fall!

  6. The cardigan is a pretty shade of blue. Your knitting speed is amazing!

    1. The picture was taken late at night and I had trouble with setting the white balance on the camera, the cardi is actually several shades of grey!! However looking at the pic again, I can see why you would think it was blue!

    2. Oh, grey, from here it does look like a lovely blue. My camera never gets the right shade of red or purple. It always looks wrong. Funny that these advanced cameras can't get the colors right.

  7. It's a beautiful cardigan, and so nice to knit something for yourself! I'm knitting school cardis and a tank top for the tallest, of all things! Can't wait to get my hands on something other than navy!

    Lorna x


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