Monday, 17 September 2012

Pass The Matchsticks ...

... to prop open my eyelids!!  This was me last night:

21:03 13.1 mmol/l

22:48 5.8mmol/l ... Hmm, don't like the look of this reading, better re-check in an hour.

23:49 4.8mmol/l This is worse than before but maybe the next reduced basal will level things out, better re-check in an hour.

00:35 3.9mmol/l  I knew I should have turned off the pump, he's now borderline hypo!  Better shut down the pump and pray like mad that he comes up, otherwise I'll be waking him with a carton of orange juice in my hand.

01:12 4.1mmol/l Thank you God!!  Better leave the pump suspended for another hour and re-check.

02:30 4.4mmol/l Right well I can re-start the pump, but do I do a reduced basal?  His next round of basals are on the higher side to counteract the normal rise in blood sugars before dawn, will he rise or will hypo again?  I can't think straight, I'm really, really tired Lord so I'm leaving it in your hands, BUT if he does happen to have a seizure as a result of a crashing hypo, please shout in my ear.

08:00 4.1mmol/l  Blimey that's close to the wire!

No I'm not going crazy ... yet!  The commentary in red is the conversation I had with myself in the wee small hours, whilst trying to second guess this diabetes monster and yet be true to the new regime as suggested by the team in Leeds.  We made it through but my jaw has been aching all day as a result of much teeth clenching.

I am praying for a better night.


  1. Oh San, so hope you have had a better night last night, what a worry for you.

  2. San you are an amazing mum! It is mind blowing what the Lord gives us the strength to do for our families, when we think we can't do any more. I'm praying that you have a better night, and it keeps on getting better for you all xx

  3. I could send you some matches with green heads, that is a new kind around here! But I guess it's illegal to send matches . . .

    I do hope that the new treatment will work. It would drive me crazy if I had to read so many numbers so carefully. I'm not a number person! As Devon Mama said, "You are amazing." (But maybe you still need my matches or some coffee?)

  4. Coffee would be great as i have had another bad night with Benedict and Pip has also been awake with a cold! I think I have had two hours sleep in total!


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