Sunday, 16 September 2012


We had a quiet start to the week and then from Wednesday onwards it was bordering on the manic!

We actually made the diabetes appointment in Leeds but the journey going was a very stressful one ~ heavy rain, Pip needing the loo only twenty minutes after leaving home and me convinced that we would not make it in time.  To say that we arrived there on a "wing and a prayer" would be an understatement!

The diabetic team were very welcoming and very efficient.  We have been advised to implement various strategies over the course of the next week and then email our findings to the diabetes specialist nurse.  We have a follow up appointment in eight weeks.

By the time the appointment had finished it was lunchtime so we made our way to Kirkstall Abbey Museum.  We had our picnic sat in the car as it was raining heavily and then made our way across the road to the museum.  A friend told us that this place was kid friendly and she was absolutely right!  The downstairs was devoted to everything Victorian and there was loads to see and touch and the kids (big and small!) could dress up in Victorian style clothing.  Pip informed us in a very loud voice that no way would she were a dress and instead chose a flat cap and waistcoat!!  She looked like a Chimney Sweep's boy!

Street Montage.
The upstairs focused on modern day Leeds with references to sport and music.  Benedict and Pip's favourite spot was the dressing up area and they played quite happily for a good twenty minutes trying on the various costumes.  It reminded me of one of my favourite childhood programmes:
Mr Ben
We half expected to see the shopkeeper in the doorway!
We were blessed with sunshine for our return journey home and as promised Dad treated us to a pub meal at a local inn.  It was a well deserved rest stop and by the time we put the key in the front door we had been out and about for eleven and half hours and driven 200 miles. (DH made a comment to the waiter that we left our home 1 mile away, 10 hours earlier and yet the car trip meter displayed 200.1 miles. The waiter asked if it had been a hard day!)
On Thursday we had a visit from S and the kids and after a indoor picnic lunch at home we made our way to Brockholes Nature Reserve.  We walked around the outer perimeter of the reserve in the hopes that the kids would run off some of their boundless energy!  Their reward was a play in the adventure playground, a picnic snack and a whole heap of peace for the mums.  S was very organised and had remembered her knitting!
We left just before closing time and since it was so late I invited S and the kids for tea ~ Dave very kindly made shepherd's pie followed by apple crumble.  I knew there was plenty to go round and since S is veggie there was leftover frittata from the previous day's picnic.  We had a minor problem upon leaving as I had left my purse at home and we were short of some small change to pay the parking fee!! The staff at the reserve came up trumps and gave us the small amount needed with a promise that "yes, we would be making a return visit!"
The kids were great on the return journey home and both the little one's managed not to nod off despite having had plenty of fresh air!  Once home we enjoyed a warming home cooked meal followed by plenty of conversation and play.  The stars were out when we bid our friends "Bonne Nuit."
On Saturday we met S and the kids here and spent an enjoyable afternoon learning about sustainability including a demo on bio-diesel.  The kids enjoyed running around and Pip took a shine to two little girls older than her and spent some time in a craft area potato printing:
If you look carefully you'll see S is busy knitting!!
I was very glad of relative peace and quiet today.  It has done nothing but pour down.  Sara came home from work resembling a drowned rat on the outside but her biker gear kept her toasty dry on the inside.  Benedict and Pip finally settled to building an indoor railway that wove it's way around the down stairs carrying gemstones and wooden animals to their various destinations.   Typically Benedict was the guard announcing the stopping points as well as punching the tickets ( he used an empty staple gun for clicking effect!) and Pip was the engine driver:
I'm hoping for a quieter week and a chance to organise some home school stuff for Benedict and myself ~ Bonne Nuit.

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  1. OOh I have never heard of Kirkstall Abbey, it isn't too far from us, we will have to makeplans for a day trip as it sounds good.


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