Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Yarn Along :: Middle Of The Night Knitting

Joining Ginny and friends for this week's yarn along.  I've had plenty of time to make progress as I'm on my third night of pump suspension for Benedict.  Hooray for knitting therapy!

A Martinmas Cardi for Pip.
The pattern is by Claire Montgomerie.  I have her easy baby knits book and have borrowed this one from my fellow knitting friend, S.  You'll also spy another Milo pattern and some corresponding wool.  It is the Rowan Purelife Organic Naturally Dyed in the colourway Horsetail.  This baby vest is a gift for my friend Emily who is expecting her third baby in November.
The only reading that I'm managing at the moment is insulin doses, basal rates and insulin to carbohydrate ratios.  I finally put down my knitting at 2am this morning having satisfied myself that it was safe to leave Benedict, only to be woken by Pip at 3am!  She was snuffly with a cold.  I tried her in my bed, we made warm drinks and a snack, sang songs, read stories and still she was unable to settle.  I conceded defeat at 7am and brought her downstairs:
Twenty minutes later she was like this:

Peace at Last!


  1. Aw mama, holding your hand, you must be exhausted. Your knitting is so so beautiful though. xxx

  2. Oh, sorry to hear it has been another night of no sleep. I hope you get some rest soon you must be exhausted. The cardigan looks beautiful, love the colour it is knitting up fast.

  3. Thinking of you San! It sounds like you are having a rather exhausting week! Praying for you. Pretty knitting :o)

  4. i hope mama was able to get some nap time in too! what a care-filled night . . filled with so much love from all of you. i send you a big warm hug . . (and i love your yarn and projects).

  5. Sending love and supporting hugs your way - how you manage to knit at that time of the night I'll never know! Xx lorna

  6. Just catching up with your blog. Hope you're having a better time now. xx


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