Friday, 31 August 2012

Crafternoon and Cooking

We've had mixed weather this week, the worst of it was during the weekend as it rained quite heavily throughout and continued to do so on the Monday.  Needless to say, both Benedict and Pip were fed up with being cooped up indoors, so a Bank Holiday Monday Crafternoon was the order of the day. 


Meet Freddie the Flying Fish!
Whilst Pip was with Abi for the morning, Benedict worked on the first of his Tuesday morning lunch preparation classes.  The task was for him to choose a dish, prepare it, cook it, serve it and eat it!!  It also included all kitchen tidying and  washing and drying of dishes.  The chosen dish was tomato and rice soup with red pepper pesto croutons:
Being brave and finely chopping the onions, thankfully no tears!
Voila!  Yummy, scrummy soup.
I think stuffed baked potatoes and salad are on the menu for next week.




  1. Wow, well done Benedict! That looks scummy, enough tho I could not eat it, lol.

    1. Just reread my comment, I did not of course mean scummy but scrummy! Over effiecient spell checker me thinks.

    2. It's OK I reckoned you meant scrummy!

  2. loving those fish and the meal looks just wonderful! well done all xx

  3. What a great fish! Now you have to read "The Rainbowfish" by Marcus Pfister! Great job, Benedict! Veronika and Miriam like to help me cooking right now also.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments and thanks Eva for reminding me about that book, we have it in Pip's bookcase!

  5. hello san, i'm still away at my sister's house in connecticut. it's nice to check in wtih you. we've had some rain up here also. the fish is very pretty! and benedict's lunch looks delicious. congratulations to him for such a big job (cooking and cleaning!).


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