Sunday, 9 September 2012


Having parented for a long time now I'm still amazed when various milestones are reached, so here is a pictorial record of the past week:

On Tuesday our patio area was converted into Benedetto's a "pop up restaurant" and littlest lad prepared authentic slow cooked ragu bolognese, served with brown rice pasta, followed by sliced banana and honey topped yogurt.  His recent culinary efforts besides providing him with a practical life skill have also earned him his Chef badge at cubs.
On Thursday we visited family in Cumbria:
What do you reckon?  Freedom of the open road, no worries, go where I please?
Shame it doesn't belong to me!  This clever girly above has saved her hard earned cash and bought her very own brand new set of wheels!!  She is carrying on the long standing biking tradition that runs in Dave's family. Good job he broke the mould and bought a sports car otherwise it would've been a tad difficult me riding pilion heavily pregnant with twins!!
Setting off under the watchful eye of Grandad, a veteran biker.
On Friday Pip attended her very Forest School session held in this village and surprise, surprise it rained!!
We left Dave and Benedict in the tea rooms at the end of the village and set off to find the others in the woods.  I had expected to spend the entire session with her, but within ten minutes of arriving she was happy to be left, so I made my way back to the tea rooms for a warming cup of peppermint tea:
Dave was on teaching duty so I actually had some time to mess about with Manual function on the camera and catch some images of them working:
Eating and Explaining.

Still cute even at the age of nine, but don't tell him I said that!
We're still working on our home school rhythm and I think it will be another slow week as we have various appointments including a short notice trip to Leeds to see the diabetes specialist.  Please God this time we'll actually manage to make the journey!


  1. The bike looks amazing I am jealous! Thinking of you San and hope you make to Leeds this time.

  2. Mmm B's food looks delicious! :)

    Praying that you all have an easy week and that your trip goes to plan. (hugs)


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