Monday, 10 September 2012

Frugal Food

Whilst Sara was staying with family last week, both her and Nanna H attended a seasonal and cheap food cookery demonstration at Forum 28.  The demonstration was organised by the Co-operative Society and in amongst the free recipe guide was a vegetable base pizza, a great way to encourage kids to eat more veg and a useful means of using up the odd shrivelled carrot lurking in the bottom of the vegetable box!

Having tasted all the recipes at the demo, Sara in particular raved about the pizza, so with some trepidation I set about making the pizza base.  Normally I am fearless in the kitchen but gluten free flour is notoriously difficult to work with and I was unsure whether it would turn out all right.  I need not have worried, apart from the dough being a very sticky consistency to work with, once it was shaped and on the tray it rose really well.  I served the vegetable, cheese and tomato pizzas with a homemade coleslaw and the meal was wholeheartedly rated a success.

A light and fluffy deep pan pizza.


  1. so wonderful to read about your days. the pizza looks fabulous! pip is getting so grown up, as is benedict. yes, he is definitely very cute . . even at nine! the liesl is gorgeous!!! please have dh take a pic in daylight with it on you!!!

    we're finally on our way home tomorrow to begin our school year.

    blessings to all of you!

  2. Your pizza looks great! I found gluten free baking so difficult so the fact that you're making great food and managing to modify a gf recipe leaves me in awe!

  3. Looks delicious! I'm so glad Pip likes her new learning environment!


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