Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yarn Along

I've finally got my act together and I am joining Ginny in a sharing of knitting and reading.

Not the best picture I know but it's late, Pip's only just settled and Benedict is still wandering around the house; he's also managed to disconnect his cannula. This means a new set change for the pump and we'll be checking him at half past midnight to ensure that the system is working and that he's getting insulin.  Never a dull moment at chez nous!

The project on the needles is another Boheme in hand dyed orange with a hint of cream.  The wool is Ethical Twist 30/70 and is a dream to knit with. This is my third Boheme and  hopefully this item will be passed on to a blogging mum who has just had her fourth babe.

The book is "Ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child" by Anthony Esolen.  Dave and I watched him on EWTN Bookmark and we were impressed by his approach and so ordered the book on the back of the interview.  Dave has already made a head start but if I actually manage to finish the ironing before midnight, I might just manage a page or two before checking on Benedict.

I noticed Ginny is reading "Simplicity Parenting", I actually have that book on the kindle app on my phone, it is a worthy and encouraging read.  We haven't however managed to ditch the TV, right now that box in the corner of the room is the occasional sanity saver when all else is totally pear shaped!  Today was a totally pants day both in home school and diabetes management, if I could have retired to bed for the duration I would have gladly done so.  Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Your knitting looks lovely ! Hope you have a better day today xx

  2. Did you dye the yarn yourself?

  3. Thanks Susie.
    Eva, the yarn was dyed with red and yellow food colouring. There are some really good tutorials about wool dying on the net.


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