Monday, 27 June 2011

Sickness to Recovery

Plenty of quiet at home and here in Cyber space as Pip's immunity has coped with the chicken pox virus.  I initially thought she was going to have a mild attack but the spots spread over a period of three days and as a result she's had a healthy dose of the stuff!  Friday and Saturday were the worst days but a combination of soda bicarb bathing, Sudocreme cream and homeopathic Pulsatilla saw us through the worst bits.  By Sunday she was managing to smile and as for today she's charged around the garden and been a mischievous Sprite!  Here are some photos of the past few days:

Knitting with mummy as a distraction from the discomfort.

Partaking in rainy day fresh air at Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan's house.

Trying to take a picture of Mummy using her mobile phone!

Daily morning nap times.

Red currant eating and den building with Benedict.

Making a sparkly fairy wand.

Benedict sewing a spoon puppet with a modicum of help from Mum.

I have just over a week to submit our home education report for this year; once I get five minutes peace and tackle the task in hand I know I'll be fine.  By biggest concern right now is the way forward for this forthcoming year.  I know I mentioned a week or so ago about following a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum but I'm already having my doubts, not about my ability to deliver the material but whether it will sustain Benedict's interest.  I'm slowly beginning to realise that, following Benedict's interests autonomously is likely to be our only way forward at this stage.  I've seen autonomous education in action I just need to trust that, in reality it will work for us!


  1. There's also no reason why you can't do a bit of pick and mix either. We are mainly autonmonous, with sprinklings of waldorf and things like Reading Eggs, and we do do some workbooks too, simply because Rye loves them.

    Aww and bless Pip, glad she's on the mend now.

    Have a lovely day, hun.

  2. Thanks Joxy for encouraging words.

    Bless you

    San xx

  3. I wish we could get the chicken pox from you! They are very rare here because immunization is mandatory for schools now.

    I'm glad, Pip is feeling better.

  4. So glad Pip is feeling better! Good luck with your education report, i agree with Joxy, just pick and mix the bits that best suit Benedict and you'll be fine :-)

  5. Here is one other Charlotte Mason Homeschool supplier that has some interesting items, especially their English language series: Queen Homeschool Supplies. Have you looked into classical education at all? I really like Laura Berquist's ideas, but also some of the ideas in "The Well-Trained Mind."


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