Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pip's phrase for the day.

"Pick the chorbees mummy!"

"Chorbees" are the strawberries, never mind that were redcurrants!  On tap vitamin C great for coping with a second round of snuffles!


  1. Red currants are very rare here. I do miss them.

  2. You can't beat fresh fruit and veg on tap, we've found that the kids prefer to eat the things we grow, if you put a plate of strawberries from the garden and a plate of strawberries from the shops they can tell which is which.
    We should get a few redcurrants this year, we'll get another good crop of blackcurrants, I doubt we'll get any whitecurrants as the plant is very young.
    Another good thing to grow is loganberries the plants likes to ramble though so you might need to give it a fair bit of space, but the berries taste fantastic (and I'm not much of a fruit lover)

  3. We made loads of red currant jam last year, am hoping to do likewise this year!


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