Monday, 13 June 2011

Birthday Fun and Other Things

I am late posting Birthday pictures as tiredness caught up with me yesterday!  Here is a selection from the big day:

Opening cards.

 Blue stars, stripes and spots reversible Birthday bunting made by mum, that and the cake making and decorating meant I climbed into bed at silly o'clock on Saturday morning!  Still his appreciation for the decoration was well worth the effort.

Present from Mum and Dad, two Usborne books:  The Roman Soldiers Handbook and Look Inside A Roman Town.

Best friend O at the indoor climbing area...

... and equally good friend L on the super duper slide.

 Birthday boy taking a break on the climbing mesh.

 The birthday cake... not one of my best as it sunk slightly and I had difficulties working with the gluten free flour, it did however taste good and was appreciated by all!

Sunday was Pentecost but we completely lost the plot church-wise; this was due to a combination of mitigating factors.  Dave did however do an excellent job of explaining the importance of the feast and Benedict for his part drew a lovely picture of the Apostles and Our Lady with tongues of fire above their heads.
Today we managed to complete a varied and productive amount of learning.  I've been thinking about our learning for the forthcoming year and have tentatively settled on a Charlotte Mason based curriculum.  The Oak Meadow curriculum although well written did little to hold Benedict's interest and in the end it became a battle of wills (both his and mine!) in attempting to finish the tasks at hand.  With CM in mind we worked on learning the first part of Psalm 23 as our scripture memory, this was then followed by our catechesis on The Mass.  During our snack time we worked on a dot - to - dot puzzle of Noah and The Ark. 

After snack we used the internet resource on WW2, this was a huge success as B loves anything interactive! This was followed by number work on the war time favourite "The Beetle Game", we also watched the DVD recording of The 1940's House originally aired on Channel 4 in 2000 (AD).

Our copywork was based around one of Christina Rossetti's poems : Who has seen the wind?  Her writings will be our poetry focus for the next few weeks.  After lunch Dad and Sara took B and P to The Maritime Museum, as always it is a useful and free local resource!  They were lucky enough to take part in a knot tying demonstration.  Whilst they were out I managed to undertake some essential household jobs and plan our activities for tomorrow.  I'm working towards an end of year home education report for the LEA, nothing like a looming deadline to focus one's attention!!

 Pip wearing a rope tied bracelet. This was given to her by the kind man doing the demonstrations, Eric, who told us the knot was called a Portuguese Sinnet.  It is two sided, so a sailor handing this to his true love met with the reply "but I don't like white" would respond by turning it inside out to reveal the silver alternative face!

 Model of one of our local gas rigs.

No trip to the museum would be complete without a ride on the model narrow boat!

Big sis and little sis.

Making a pirate flag.

 The return journey home, a view across to the Maritime Museum.


  1. Are you thinking about using Mater Amabilis or Ambleside? We like to use some of those ideas ourselves.

  2. I've been using the resources from simply Charlotte Mason, but I've also taken a peek at the Mater Amabilis. The only things I'll change are the History and Geography suggestions, I'll probably continue to use the KS2 guidelines which are pertinent to the UK.

    If you have any suggestions for good resources they would be gratefully appreciated.

    San x


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