Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Sweet Miracle...

 ...of Life

Oh, sweet miracle
Love's sweet miracle
Oh, sweet miracle
Of life

Born 4.30pm
  Our little lad less than an hour old

 Our midwife standing at his birthplace
On the way to the baptism party

Baptism cake

Most of our family at that time
(sadly Kate couldn't make it)

Visiting dear Uncle Peter, fisherman, Spitfire pilot, nuclear chemist and jolly nice chap!

Experiencing the garden during his 1st birthday party

Enjoying alfresco food for 2nd birthday party

Enjoying a bit of snow in the garden when 2 1/2 years old

Having fun with his 3 big sisters a fortnight before his 3rd birthday

Help in the kitchen a month before he is 4

On the Somerset coast with Uncle Andrew and Mum, 4th summer

  A ride on the see-saw age 5 1/2 with Mum, one week before the new baby was due to arrive!

Aged 5 1/2 and proud as punch with his new sister Philippa Josephine, just 4 days old

Fun with big sister (Sr) Emma and Sr Kristen, arriving for Philippa's (also known as Pip) baptism

Two days after his 7th birthday, having a cuddle with Pip at Nanna and Grandad H's

Oh, and once again, that rather talented threesome from Toronto have come up with a rather nice song, not all the lyrics are relevant but the chorus is perfect for children everywhere: Sweet Miracle


  1. Lovely pictures! Happy 8th birthday :-)

  2. What a great documentary of Benedict's life! I thought the baby picture already looked like him. Happy, happy birthday to you and Benedict!


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