Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Imperial War Museum North

We visited here

We went with no agenda as such and certainly no printouts or worksheets; a chance to look, listen and learn as we meandered around.  I don't have many good quality photographs as I was reluctant to be seen snapping since the museum did not encourage the taking of photographs.  Having said this towards the end of our visit folks were openly snapping shots of the exhibits! 

Naturally it goes without saying that, although the museum was "free" the money was made in the cafe and obligatory museum shop, strategically placed in front of the entry/exit!  We had brought a picnic to eat in the "green room" but that was booked for a party of school kids, so we compromised and bought soup and drinks to have with our packed lunch, which was surreptitiously hidden under the table!!  Despite the extra hidden costs in the cafe and shop it was an interesting and informative day out, a preferable option to the house four walls for sure!

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  1. Interesting day - I had no idea there were other IWM's apart from the one in London. Hope you are all well, xx


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