Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yarn Along, Eureka and a Knitting Tale of Woe

Joining Ginny  again for this weeks yarn along:

The work in progress is a milo vest courtesy of Georgie Hallam via Ravelry.  The book is on its second reading and is " Beginning To Pray" by Anthony Bloom, Orthodox Archbishop. Amongst other things, it challenges the reader to take "crumbs of wasted time" and turn them into Kingdom moments.  Quite an encouragement for a very worn out mamma, caring for equally worn out and chronically sick family members. 

The bear is my knitting tale of woe... remember the hand dyed, raspberry ripple first ever Boheme I made Pip, well unfortunately this beautiful 100% wool garment was washed by accident on a non wool wash and as you can see it now fits teddy!  Sob!

So far it has been an interesting week... the car is in the body shop for repair again, some guy did not manage to mirror, signal and manoeuvre and reversed into our car! I've wrecked Pip's woolly cardi and I think she's in the early stages of chicken pox.  Benedict's cognitive functioning is way down as a result of multiple hypo's and lack of sleep has worsened MS fatigue and the associated poor balance. I also have not escaped walking wounded syndrome and as a result of another back injury last week am still bearing the multiple bruises of "cupping" performed by my lovely acupuncturist last Thursday.  I have a follow up session tomorrow!

Still we did manage to have fun yesterday and visited this place Eureka.  We pushed buttons, pulled levers, made music, cut and glued, climbed and danced.  The museum houses activities for babies, tiny tots and primary aged children and despite there being several schools in attendance we were not falling over one another.  Benedict and Sara worked their way through the " Me and My Body" exhibits, whilst Dave, Pip and I looked at "The Global Garden" and "Desert Discovery" areas, both aimed at her age range.  After a mid afternoon snack we all made our way to the, " Sound Space" which was enjoyed by all.  Our ticket entry qualified us for a year's pass and since the museum is only 70 miles from our home we'll definitely be visiting again.  

Sara and I setting out the picnic, I'm pleased to report we did not spend any money in the cafe!  The car was full of lunch food and snack foods.

 Lovely Daddy and Pip sharing sandwiches.

 Sara made these as a very special treat and ...

 ... here is Pip enjoying " choc chorbees!"

 Pip and I testing my stride, which is not very big!

 The digestive tract.

 Inside the skull.

 Pip just loved the baby zone!

 A coffee and snack stop before the return journey home.

A great time was had by all.


  1. Hi San - I don't seem to be seeing your blog updates, so have mused your last few posts. Who knows what blogger will be up to next? Anyway, I have the Milo pattern to do some time soon. James wants a pink one :). Your book sounds interesting - sometimes I feel that I have huge slices if wasted time!
    Hope things settle down again for you all - sending healing thoughts and prayers - and some bluey grey skies, which are what we are having. xxx

  2. Pink rocks! (DH says that pink rocks are best seen as Shap granite, with its pink orthoclase feldspar crystals, commonly used in kerbstones around the country)

  3. I'm so sorry about your garment! I hope you will all feel better soon. By the way, we also normally take our own food along when we go places.

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