Friday, 24 December 2010

Terrifically Two Today!

Well yesterday actually, the 23rd!!   It's a good job I was not this disorganised the year Miss Philippa was born!  We actually finally put up the tree last night once Pip had gone to bed, I was just too tired to do it the day before.  I had been organised enough to make her cake though, so I only had to ice and decorate it on the day.  We had Pip's favourite breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers and here she is complete with bed head and birthday crown:

We actually sat down to eat at the precise time Pip had her first boo feed on the day of her birth!  It was purely by chance but it was a lovely reminder of that special day.  She was born at 8:40 am and was nursing by 9:40am ... yep, we had slept in hence the lateness of our eating!

Big brother Bem(as she calls him!) sharing the fun.

For lunch we had another stalwart favourite of ham and mushroom pasta, followed by mandarin jelly and ice-cream.  Dave very kindly took Pip out in the car to collect wood for the burner and for her to have a much needed nap.  This little miss will not nap at home. She is the earliest of them all to drop her daytime rests and boy does it show at the end of the day!!  I also managed to catch up on some chores and even had forty winks myself, the crafting and cooking had caught up with me.

Whilst Benedict and Pip watched a panto on television Dave and I had the interesting job of de-icing the tree in the garage!  It was well and truly stuck fast in a solid block of ice.  Thanks to Dave's quick thinking we placed the workshop fan heater next to the base of the bucket and within half an hour it had melted enough for us to smash the surrounding block.  With the tree safely ensconced in the corner of the dining room we sat down to the birthday tea:  cucumber and cheese sandwiches, apple boats and of course the cake.
A snow themed confection of butter icing, white chocolate buttons, snow men shapes and silver sprinkles.

Getting ready to blow.

A gentle puff to start with and then...

... one big blow!

Next came the fun part, opening presents and cards.

"I wonder what this could be?"

"Come on Bem I need some help!"

"It's like pass the parcel!"

Ostheimer figures all the way from Germany!  A mummy, daddy, a Bem and a Pip,a Guardian Angel,  one dog, one cat and some small woodland animals.  They are absolutely beautiful and were a joint present between both sets of Grandparents and ourselves.

Opening the cards.

Our last present of the day, a Melissa and Doug shape sorter train.

Birthday girl just before bed.

The tree in all its glory...

... and the happy elf who it made it so.

Blessings San x


  1. Happy Birthday, dear little Pip! So many beautiful Ostheimer figures. Now you have to make up lots of stories with them. We always take our silk cloths and wooden blocks and arrange them on the floor, making a landscape or houses. Then we play with the figures on top of them. (I hope this description makes sense)!

    By the way, what are "boiled eggs and soldiers" and what is "boo feed"? Those must be British expressions.

    Congratulations again and all the best!

  2. Beautiful post, San. I enjoyed every word, and the photographs are so lovely. Thank you for sharing your day. Wishing you blessings and peace for this Christmas time. xx

  3. Hi Eva,

    Boiled eggs are eggs cooked in their shells for three minutes so that toast fingers, also known as soldiers can be dipped into them!

    Boo feed is our pet name for a breastfeed! Pip is still boo feeding and currently shows no sign of weaning!!

    Thank you to you and Jacqui for kind words and greetings.

    San x

  4. I've learned something new! Thanks for the explanation.

    Flora is also still nursing, I haven't nursed anybody that long, but she really still seems to need it:)


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