Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Handmade Holiday and Other Things

Lots of planned activities have gone out the window this past week... the Jesse Tree lies unfinished and I can't remember the last time I posted on the December Photo Project.  Time has caught up with me and there has been silly o'clock bedtimes as I've tried to finish the gift making, truth be told I know I'm over tired and this is the contributory factor in a current low mood.  These past weeks have taught me a valuable lesson, I hope I remember what I need to remember for this time next year!!

In addition to the Season Swap gift the following items have been made during this advent season:  two fully lined busy bags (the pattern was courtesy of Amanda Blake Soule in her book "The Creative Family"), six felt mug coasters and chequer board mitts design courtesy of Wee Folk Art, nativity finger puppets, a knit in the round hat via ravelry and  a knitted jacket for Pip.  I'm currently finishing a mini gnome set and am hoping to make a King Winter and felt trees for our own season corner.

Busy Bags

The gingham pocket bag contains a reversible apron, two cooking and baking books and a selection of cookie cutters.

The second bag contains assorted wools, a pair of knitting needles and a child's first knitting book.

Felted mug coasters.

On Saturday Dave took the children to their yearly visit on the Santa Special.  I stayed behind as we were expecting a visit from the candidates from The Home of The Mother.  It was a good job I remained home based, for due to unforeseen circumstances, they did not manage to make it North and I was left trouble shooting from command central!  Thanks to the kindness of a stranger in the form of Father White nearby, emergency accommodation was provided and we were all able to sleep peacefully that night!

Dave has an amazing knack of capturing an atmospheric photograph, mind you he did study photography at sixth form many moons ago!

Benedict and Heather looking at their presents from Santa, Pip was more interested in the train journey and scenery!

Sunday was a home day, we've been dealing with a mini cold virus this week and we were all feeling flat as a result of yesterday's dramas and activity.  I did manage to shoot a photograph from Benedict's bedroom window as dusk was drawing in, the moon looked beautiful and my shot below does not do it justice:

These past two days we have continued wrapping gifts and sending last minute cards.  We've visited friends and had good folk visit us.  Tomorrow we are visiting friends in Kendal.  Dave and Adrian are having lunch out whilst Briony and I hold the fort.  Lest you think we are missing out fear not we have a girls afternoon planned in the New Year!  Tomorrow is tree dressing day as the following day is Pip's second birthday!  I'm hoping to be a bit more consistent with the blogging during these next few days.

Be blessed San x


  1. Busy days - I love your crafted gifts - and that is a stunning photograph. Have a lovely day tomorrow. xx

  2. Oh San, you've accomplished so much! Except making gifts with the children I haven't made anything. (Although due to unforeseen circumstances I still have to work on something tonight after the children are asleep). Your bags are beautiful! How is your gnome set coming along?

  3. The gnome set is currently on the back burner!! I'll work on it bit by bit hopefully during the twelve days and with a bit of luck it will be made by Epiphany!!

    Best of luck with your post bedtime make... love the new Avitar picture of you.

    God Bless you all
    San xx

  4. Thanks, San, I managed to finish a doll's nightgown for my daughter. My husband had searched for one at the stores, but couldn't find any. We were so sure he would find something that we hadn't any backup plans. So I spent my night sewing with some leftover fabric I still had from a changing table cover. She was very happy with the result, but I was tired!


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