Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Catch Up Time

The days seem to be flying by; we've been busy most days tidying, cleaning, sorting and crafting.  I cheated and made an online order with a well known supermarket and thankfully my food shop arrived today.  It was a good job I did not venture out as Benedict has been struck by a bout of sickness and so it's all hands on with viral and diabetic management.  I must be getting used to this as it's the first time, I have felt OK with adjusting his insulin and monitoring the vomiting episodes entirely on my own.  I have a strategy in place and know that, we have open access to the children's unit if required.  So far we have been fortunate and have managed to avoid a trip to hospital.  We have  sugary drinks on hand to sip and lavender oil on a handkerchief has induced a much needed sleep, so I'm praying that he gets the rest his body needs.

I shall leave you with my December Project Photos for these past few days:

Coffee quiet time for me on Monday.

Art courtesy of Benedict on Tuesday.

A televisual treat for today!

Keep warm and be blessed San x


  1. Oh, I hope Benedict will recover soon!!! That doesn't sound so pleasant.

  2. Hugs - it is such a life-altering disease. healing wishes to your little boy, and strength to you both. xx

  3. Thanks for kind comments, Benedict is much improved, thank God!

  4. Blessings to all of you and hope Benedict manages to enjoy the season with no further bouts of illness.

  5. Hello lovely lady :)
    Just wanted to say a big fat juicy THANK YOU for the fabulous parcel you sent our way. We really appreciate your generosity and kindness, it means a huge deal to us. Many many thanks with a big round cherry on the top (and chocolate sprinkles!)
    Jules x


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