Monday, 13 December 2010

Planning for a siege?!

The cookery books are out, the gloves are off and I'm doing battle with a two week menu/ shopping list beginning this weekend and hopefully seeing me through til the New Year!  I dislike supermarket shopping at the best of times, but none more so than at this time of year, the queues, the overcrowded aisles and the inability to find a parking space. I'm not a bah humbug kind of gal but I do find the over commercialisation of this feast a tad depressing, so I'll get my shopping as quickly as I can and return home to a warming fire and relative peace and quiet.  I hope!!

Blessings San x


  1. Good luck with the shopping -- I'm lucky, my husband does most of the grocery shopping.

  2. Hope it went well. i hate this too, but needs must, epsecially with family arriving soon. I am planning my raid for Thursday. xx


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