Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We're all going on a ...

... virtual holiday!  Opening credits sung to the tune of Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard!  In an effort to spark a bit of enthusiasm in the learning room and round off the summer term, I had the idea to take us on a virtual holiday round France, Spain and Italy.  There is method in my madness, not only would we learn/improve our language skills but we'd increase our geographical and general knowledge too!  So with suitcases packed we headed by car to Plymouth and then on the overnight ferry to Cherbourg.  Our first stop after Cherbourg was to see the Bayeux Tapestry, we talked about the battle depicted in the picture and the fact that, in layout it was very similar to a comic strip!  Benedict then drew a picture of his own choosing and narrated the story linked to it.  I acted as scribe and he then copied out his narration.
We then called in at Lisieux and learnt about the saint responsible for "The Little Way".  Saint Therese learnt very quickly to see the good in each situation and tried to make the best of everything.  I was given the opportunity to practise such a response when I dropped Pip's dinner at lunch time!  I did not respond favourably but Sara came up trumps and through this experience Benedict was given the opportunity to learn the right way!!
Here are some pictures from our journey thus far:

Planning the journey.

Our trip to Cherbourg, including coffee and croissant for breakfast!



We are off to Chartres tomorrow to see the Cathedral famous for it's stained glass windows and a medieval Labyrinth.  With a bit of luck and glue and tissue paper we'll be making our own stained glass window and walking our own labyrinth, as well as eating crepes for tea!  Bonne Nuit!

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