Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Happy Birthday Boy

Benedict turned seven years on Friday 11th June.  He had fun opening his presents from mummy and daddy; more brio track and points, as well as an engine shed and turntable.  Nanna and Granddad H came to visit and stopped for lunch.  They brought with them a bag of books and activity sheets and a wind up torch.  The torch in particular was a real hit!  We had sandwiches and fruit and ice cream in the garden.  Pip as usual kept everyone on their toes and we took it in turns being on Pip duty!  Here are  a selection of pictures from our day:

Today we had some special friends visit and a little chap from Benedict's old school joined in the fun.  We had hot dog sausages in buns with a side serving of chips.  Pudding consisted of jelly and ice cream and a slice of chocolate birthday cake.  Benedict as usual got a bit giddy and helped himself to extra cake when my back was turned!  It was very difficult to gauge the correct insulin dose and consequently I erred on the side of caution.  This of course back fired and I've been chasing ridiculous blood sugars ever since!  Still, on the whole the proceedings went well and the party bags went down a hit - plain white T-shirt, a box containing transfer sheets and fabric crayons, a packet of chocolate stars, two balloons and a  piece of birthday cake.

A tiring but very enjoyable set of birthday celebrations.  Although we have other birthday's in between, the next big bash is Sara's 21st birthday in November, so at least I and the  bank account have chance to recover!

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  1. I showed this to Lewis earlier and he was over the moon with the picture of them all around the table, he thinks he is famous! He had a lovely time on Saturday, we will have to get together again soon. p.s. I sent you a message on Rav


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