Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Self Directed Learning and Moments of Peace!

Lego building and stickle bricks are the order of the day here at chez maison.

This little chap just lurves Lego!

It's been amazing to see Pip develop a keen interest in the stickle bricks, she will play with them quite happily for a good ten to fifteen minutes.  She's still a keen climber but boy I am glad that, she's spending more of her time in sitting down, quiet activities!!
Of course if you really want to glean a goodly amount of cooking time then you bring in the big guns!  Big sister Sara kindly gave some of her time and this enabled me to finish the tea preparation in peace:

I love the concentration on Pip's face, she is fast becoming a Lego fan!

Thanks Sara for being a super star of a sister!

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