Sunday, 6 June 2010

Surprising Saturday

The day began with Dave announcing that he had a 3 inch burn on his arm but can't quite remember how it happened!  He thinks it was the result of a steam burn from the kettle but as it was late last night  when he was making drinks  he thought nothing of it!  Pip also was not her usual self, she had started with  a croup type cough at the start of the week but during night she was definitely wheezing.  A trip to the out of hours GP facility resulted in  a burns bandage for Dave and a Salbutamol inhaler for Pip.  She was not impressed with the puffer tube even though it was decorated in teddy bears!  After several gentle attempts she has since become less suspicious of it and she has finally settled with easier breathing.
Benedict also was under par and slept for two hours this afternoon.  Needless to say as I'm writing this way past midnight he is currently watching a Rush DVD with Dave.  Not only is he not tired but he has had dangerously high blood sugars, so I've had to do a set change on the pump and administer a much needed injection.  Despite the hassles everyone is in good spirits.
I finally managed to continue with my emergency cleaning programme.  What is the emergency you ask?  The answer is: The house is/was filthy!!  The only rooms left outstanding are the lounge, stairs and dining room.  Am hoping to complete the jobs sometime tomorrow apart from the dining room which is at present the decorator's work space!
Our last surprise of the day was a phone call from some very dear Spanish friends who are in the area for the next few months!  It was so uplifting to see them all and boy had the kids grown so much in a year!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Benedict for tomorrow, wish him many happy returns from us and best wishes for an exciting seventh year. xxx


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