Sunday, 13 June 2010

Learning all the time

This has been the sub text for Benedict's home education report.  It has taken me a week to write it and it will be posted on Monday morning by registered post, to arrive on the doorstep of the LEA department the following day.  We had originally agreed to a visit but, after having received a rather interrogative questionnaire at the beginning of last week, both Dave and I felt that, it would be less stressful to submit a report.  Thank goodness we are not obliged to allow the LEA access to our home.  Our LEA unfortunately have a very bad reputation at the moment and quite understandably parents are choosing to send reports instead of having visits.
The report has enabled me to fully appreciate just how much learning Benedict has achieved in such a short space of time.  He isn't a workbook kind of chap but give him a set of Lego instructions and some pieces and he is away.  It is the first time he has tackled such a feat and we were all very impressed with the result:

Pip is also coming along in leaps and bounds.  She sings and chatters away constantly, often there is the beginnings of a recognisable words in amongst the babbling.  She is fascinated with Benedict's blood glucose monitor and knows how to use the machine!  She has also taken an interest in the garden, especially the watering:


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