Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All The B's

 Beadnell Bay

Yesterday we managed a kite flying day coupled with some learning zone activities on the "Stone Age", read alouds, maths and a write up on the Lindisfarne trip from Benedict.

 What a great idea!

 An Art Deco inspired house extension.  It reminds me of the roof top balcony at The Midland Hotel where Sara and Tom had their wedding reception.  I also half expect to see David Suchet as Hercule Poirot open the front door :-)

 Both kids had loads of fun with Aunty Maureen's kite, a gift to them both when Pip was a toddler and Benedict about her age now.  This is the first time that it has had an airing!

 Whilst the kids ran around like crazy, I enjoyed twenty minutes peace watching the waves crashing against the shore :-)

We made the right decision venturing out in the morning as it rained quite heavily in the afternoon, interspersed with moments of sunshine.  It was during an interlude that I was able to walk to the village shop and buy some supplies for tea as well as the ingredients for a birthday cake!  "Sea Breeze" stores as it is called stocks an amazing array of goods including gluten free items.  I even managed to buy matches and birthday candles, the lady behind the counter said, " We are the fourth emergency service!!" when I commented about being able to buy the birthday items.

Birthday Boy

 Happy Birthday Dave!  

All those years in the kitchen paid off since I was minus a recipe book and no Mr Google internet so it was a bit of this and that and the cake turned out beautifully moist, yay!

Barter Books

 Tea but not at three!  A very late elevenses :-)

 That boy loves his tea.

 This is what constant pain looks like :-(  No smiles and a very short fuse, oh dear!  If you are reading this mum, sorry for not being understanding when I was a terrible teenager :-(

 The kids bought themselves a book each out of their Christmas money from last year!  I also found some really good books for them to share that are very similar to the Enid Blyton mysteries.  We also bought Daddy a book for his birthday but shock horror, no book for me!!

On the way home we popped into Lidl to buy some fresh fruit and veg and Pip played in the garden whilst I made a big salad bowl for lunch.  The kids helped with kitchen clean up as I was completely wiped after being on the go and so I took myself off to bed for a much needed rest.  After another round of analgesics and a cup of tea I managed to prep the roast dinner and whilst that was cooking, we visited the local playground which is literally a two minute walk from the cottage:

 Someone is very happy to be out and about!

 Even Mr B joined in!

 Even the local WI have their own purpose built building.

 Walking home and trying to keep up with light footed Lottie!!  Not a chance!

 Hoping to visit the church tomorrow.

 The Lady of The Manor no longer lives here, instead it is now a series of self contained apartments.

 Back home just in time for tea.




dorinalouise said...

What a lovely house, town and bookstore, and hooray for kite flying :) Pip and Benedict look like they were having a very good time and Happy Birthday to Dave! xoxoxoxoxo

Kezzie said...

Yay, you were in Northumberland! And the wonderful Barter Books! I adore it there! So extensive and beautiful AND you can have tea and cake!!! Which books were like the Enid Blyton books? I am curious!
I am sorry to hear you were and are in such constant pain. It must be so wearing and getting to you. God bless you. xxx

Sandra Ann said...

Hi Kezzie,

Yes Barter Books are epic! The author is Helen Moss. We borrowed some from the library and they sparked a much needed reading interest for Benedict, so when I saw them at BB's I snapped them up :-) X

dorinalouise said...

These kite flying pics really capture the joy and fun of the moment. And I love Pip's expression where she's leaning her head on your shoulder: very knowing!

Sandra Ann said...

Yes she knows her own mind that gal!

Hayley said...

Hi San, just been having a catch up on what you have been doing. I haven't been online much over the last couple of months but am now feeling inspired again, and determined to spend more time doing things I enjoy :)

Your trip looks brill. Dave is from Ashington so we co to Northumberland a lot. I always love Alnwick and we often stop at Barters Books on the way in. It must have been awhile since we last went though as I remember Georgie picking two Floppy books (ORT) and she has been out of them for awhile!

Totally love the kite flying, you know I don't think we have ever done that with Georgie.

Sorry to hear you have been having some poor days re pain control, that is tough.

Take care Hayley x