Saturday, 24 September 2016

This Week

In amongst the usual round of appointments we managed a visit to an undiscovered place and a weekly get together with friends:

 Children's Opthalmology Department.

 Celebrating a happy outcome with Pip at The Whaletail.  Her eye sight tests came back clear which means that she does not run the risk of losing her sight as well as her hearing.  We are still non the wiser concerning the sensori neural bi-lateral hearing loss but I have learned over the years that we cannot expect an answer for everything that comes our way.

 A light saber dual on the lawn of The Abbot Hall Christian Conference Centre at Kents Bank.  This place has been a halfway meeting stop between ourselves and another family.  There is a play area for the kids as well as trees to climb and a reasonably priced cafe serving teas, coffee and cake.

Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan mentioned this place late last year and we finally found it this week!  It is situated just outside the village of Arnside and Pip spent a very happy afternoon on Wednesday tiring herself in the playground!

 We found the butterflies painted on the side of someone's car and sent the picture to Uncle Bryan to cheer him!  Butterfly spotting is a favourite activity amongst ourselves, since they are a loving reminder of Aunty Maureen.  Whenever we see a butterfly we send our love to Aunty Maureen in Heaven :-)

 "I know what you are thinking!"  We sure do spend a lot of time in coffee shops but when you are living with a disability that is just how we roll!

 One totally ace playground!

Speaking of Aunty Maureen ~ I used to pray with her every Thursday evening and since her death I still make that journey to Garstang and pray with Uncle Bryan instead.  We usually catch up with the week's happenings, remember Aunty Maureen and more often than not shed a tear or two.  The last two Thursdays however have been quite unusual.

  Every time I have walked into the lounge to sit in my usual chair, I am engulfed by the most wonderful scent of freesias and violets.  There are no flowers in the room, no air freshners, no polish and no perfume from a previous visitor.  Uncle Bryan does not detect the scent but he has at times felt her presence in the home.  That scent is just for me, a reminder from her that I am loved, by her and most importantly by God!  That I am not alone and although the days are often difficult, there is a hope in life eternal.  

That heavenly scent and that peace is priceless x 



  1. Oh how wonderful that you are blessed with the scent of your dear friend's presence! These small gifts are such blessings. {{hugs}}

    1. Yes that scent is a real comfort xx

  2. So glad Pip's eyesight is okay and your Thursdays are truly special :) xoxoxoxo

  3. Happy for you and Pip on her not going blind as well. Your aunt is a truly remarkable person (saint?)

    1. Yes I think Saint is the right word and we are so pleased with Pip's news. Thanks for popping by and commenting.


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