Sunday, 2 October 2016

Dragons and Grace Darling

On Thursday we celebrated Michaelmas.  In the absence of any source materials since we were away from home, I did manage to utilise a sporadic internet and thanks to Dr Eva as opposed to Dr Google we were able to share in the story of St Michael and The Dragon:

 Reading the story on my phone.

 Making the mountains.

 Adding the "snow and ice" namely the salt and sugar!

 Adding the "currant stars" courtesy of St Michael helping those in need.

It was at this point that we realised the box of gluten free flour did not contain the usual sachet of yeast!!  So, Pip and I donned our coats and bravely battled against the most fierce winds to the "Sea Breeze" village shop.  That wonderful village shop stocked loads of gluten free products and speciality bread flours but alas no yeast!!  Thankfully all was not lost and so instead of making dragon bread we made a dragon scone instead :-)

 Forming the dough.

 All mixed.

 Sweeping up the crumbs.

 One finished almond toothed dragon!

After lunch Dave took the kids to the local play park.  They walked and he used his scooter and since the road was very quiet it was safe to do so.  Whilst they were out I crashed on the bed and slept soundly.

 Pip and Benedict on HMS Beadnell.

The kids had a lovely surprise as Dave treated them to a latte and hot chocolate in the Salt Water Cafe:

Grace Darling

On Friday we visited the Grace Darling Museum at Seahouses.  Entry was free and the exhibits were interactive and informative.  We also watched a short film re-enacting that fateful day on September 5th 1838 when the Forfarshire Steam Vessel ran aground in that terrible storm:

 The light house on the other side was totally cut away and through a series of buttons you each individual floor was illuminated.  To the left of the Red Light shown here, you were challenged to press the buttons in the correct sequence and your reward was the light house transmitting a beacon of light.

 Memorabilia including Grace's scarf and straw bag circa 1830.

 The original Coble used in that perilous rescue.

 My dad's namesake and so I sent him this picture to his phone :-)  Interestingly, my dad's family originate from the North East, Sunderland to be precise.  Mind you my Nanna and Grandad left  when my Uncle Arnold their first born was a very small child and he was an adult by the time my dad, the baby of the family was on the scene!

 Grace was one of nine children who were home schooled by their parents.  Her Dad William taught them  English, Arithmetic, Poetry, Folk Songs and Catechesis.  Her mother, Thomasin taught the girls to sew, spin, knit and how to mend a fishing net.

 Grace died from tuberculosis three years after that rescue at the young age of 27. 

 Despite her best wishes she was hailed a national heroine and china plates, cups and bowls were glazed in honour of her bravery.

 Rescuer Pip.

The view of St Aiden's church from the upper floor panoramic window of the museum, located only three doors along the road from her birthplaceA monument to her heroism is located close to Grace Darling and her parents' simple grave in the churchyard.

 Both kids enjoying a chat and a pat with a very friendly dog and her owner.  Prior to living with this owner and his wife, the dog had been living in some kennel after her lady owner died of cancer.  Apparantly the dog detected the smell of cancer in the lady :-(

By now it was most definitely lunch time and a quick call ahead confirmed that gluten free fish was on the menu that day:

 The Best fish and chips I have ever tasted!  The batter was incredibly light and crisp, the fish melted in your mouth and the chips were  golden.  A real win all round.

We travelled home early on in the afternoon even though we could have stopped until the following morning.  Since I am now the lone driver and all the organising is left to me, I know that morning's are my worst "health wise" and so it made sense to travel at the best time of day for me.



Sarah said...

Fantastic dragon! I remember learning about Grace Darling at primary school; the museum looks really interesting.

Kezzie said...

The Grace Darling museum looks really interesting! I'd like to visit! Glad you enjoyed your fish and chips. The Dragon scone was cool!x

dorinalouise said...

The fish and chips do look delicious, as does the dragon scone! What wonderful days :) I loved learning about Grace Darling. How nice to hear that she was homeschooled. I also need to make sure that I travel at a time of day I'm most comfortable with now. I no longer like traveling at night.

Happy Michaelmas, San. I love hearing about your adventures :)