Thursday, 8 September 2016

Birthday Mice for Our Lady :: Cave Man Art

My friend Eva has a tradition in her family whereby either sweet or savoury mice are incorporated in the birthday celebrations, so we decided to take a leaf out of her book and make some for Our Lady:

 Benedict's Mice.

 Pip's Mice.

We also managed to attend mass this morning, so in addition to celebrating Our Lady's special day we also remembered our daughter Sr Emma Maria on the profession of her final vows three years ago:

 Lighting candles and quietly...

... saying a prayer.

Once home from mass we had our morning tea gathered around the table and then it was time to crack on with the day's schedule of lessons:

Pip ~ English, Maths and Social Science.

Benedict ~ English, Maths, Social Science and Life Sciences.

It was interesting teaching both of them at the same time!  Normally Dave is around to help out but he was indisposed and so I was flitting between the two.  They both worked really hard but it was tricky when Benedict needed to read aloud since he is an auditory processor and Pip is very visual like me and needed quiet!!  I had to keep reminding him to whisper :-)  I tell ya, I was glad of a half hour total silence after lunch.  Dave had both kids outside and since the sun was actually shining, they worked on the first part of their art challenge of a cave style drawing:

 Brush, brush, brush.

 Sharing the workload.

 Having fun.

  Sand on the top and then leave it to dry.

Both kids have settled and I am enjoying some much needed quiet knitting time. 


  1. The mice are so cute and mass and tea makes for a beautiful and peaceful way to start the day. It's so nice that you had sunshine and the art project looked fun :) What knitting project are you working on? Do you still have your Etsy shop?

    1. I am currently knitting a jumper for me :-) I abandoned the Etsy shop but if you click on the Lune Valley Crafts page at the top of this blog it will take you directly to the website x

  2. Flora really likes your version! She just saw them.


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