Sunday, 25 September 2016

Northumbria :: Lindisfarne

This is our last jaunt of the year!  We are back in Beadnell, Northumbria but staying in a totally different cottage from last time.  The sea is not literally a stone's throw away but more of a hop-skip-and-a-jump-away!  The cottage is very quiet, with no internet access but thanks to the wonders of smart phone technology, we are using my phone as an internet hot spot, but shush don't tell Benedict :-)

Lindisfarne was on the itinerary today, for if we were to leave it to any other day, the tide times would be troublesome!

 St Aidan ~ Pip would have been Aidan Francis, had she been a boy!

 Pip is convinced that this is "Our Lady of Walsingham" and I have to agree with her.

 St Peter

 St Aidan Icon.

Both Benedict and myself have been the "walking wounded" within the party, him as a result of slipping in the gym a few weeks ago and landing sharply on his coccyx and me as a result of another Fibro flare due to all the stresses and strains of sickness, caring and travelling!  In all our married life which amounts to 28 years in a few weeks, we have never holidayed three times in one year, let alone within a month of a previous trip!  So when we caught sight of our favourite coffee house it was caffeine and analgesics all the way:

 "What's in that bag?"  A packet of freshly ground Pilgrim House coffee and another Pilgrim House mug for me, since my exisiting one is starting to wane as a result of constant use!

cheeky sparrow.

 Wrought Iron Loveliness.

We enjoyed our visit to The Lindisfarne Centre and the kids also enjoyed meeting a very friendly Labrador during our sojourne around the Island.  Praise be, there were no truculent kids, lost car keys or broken mobility scooters as in previous years, so I think I can hail this visit a success!

Soon it was time to make our way home, open roads and blue skies all the way:

 Lindisfarne Castle.

 The causeway on our return journey home.

 A safe haven for those stranded by the incoming tide.



  1. What a lovely post. Thank you. xx

  2. Lindisfarne! It's beautiful, San. Yes, you have been so busy! I'm sorry about the fibro flare. I hope you are feeling better by now, but you have been on some wonderful adventures :) I hope you are having a quiet evening right now. xoxoxoxo

    1. Putting my feet up as I type :-) X

  3. Oh I long to go back to Lindisfarne. I keep pestering my husband when we are in Hexham but he always says it is too far!!x

    1. It is well worth the effort. Maybe you could stop on the island for one night and return to Hexham the following day?


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