Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Beach Breakfast

Or, how to get a jump start on the homeschool day!  My hope last night was to pull this off and by God's grace we did it :-)  I packed cereal, milk, mugs, spoons and bowls; Pip and I then walked to Costa to buy two large lattes to share, she also asked nicely for some cornflake cakes and to her surprise I agreed!

 Once breakfast was finished, the rubbish recycled and Pip had scootered around, we then made our way down to the beach:

 Can you guess where she was heading?!  It was strickly a no getting wet day since we were minus towels!  She couldn't resist putting her hands in the water though :-)

 I think her words speak volumes.

 Me taking a picture of...

 ... him taking a picture!

 Dave capturing a shot of Benedict and I playing the selfie game:

 Don't ask me why but this photo hit over 43 likes on my instagram feed!  Totally wierd :-)

 Time to say goodbye.

Once home Pip and I made our way to the pillar box to post a very important letter:

This was then followed by maths bingo and cave art painting:

 "Oh no this is dragging on!"

 "I've told you before no paparazzi!!"

 "This is far more interesting."


Both kids also wrote about their trip to the beach in addition to reading aloud to both mum and dad.

When I look back on the pictures of today they make me smile because in reality they represent only a fraction of the story :-)  I lost count how many times I had to tell Pip to quit fussing or repeating over and over again instructions to Benedict.  They were not alone in the mistake making department and I managed to turn up to Pip's swim lesson at the wrong time and so she only had the last fifteen minutes of a thirty minute lesson.  She handled the episode with good grace and thankfully does not bear grudges!

As I type the dining table is littered with home school stuff and I still have my bed to make!  Keeping it real folks, keeping it real :-)


dorinalouise said...

I get that "no paparazzi" stuff too . . :P

These are such special days, San. Your post really put a smile on my face (and I'm not surprised at the quantity of insta hits! it was such a bright and cheery pic!) It's so nice to see all of you working and loving life together, and the beach is beautiful (and breakfast looked delicious). Pip's cave painting is terrific and GB has the best postal boxes! What a fun homeschooling day :)

Sandra Ann said...

I am glad that this post raised a smile! The kids really appreciated something different and to be honest it was good to get out of the house. Today has been stupidly humid at 86% which is probably tame considering your current weather situation, but it has been decidely oppressive. The temperature has finally dropped slightly, so I'm hoping for a decent night's sleep :-) Thanks for dropping by as always dear friend xxx

Sarah said...

What a wonderful way to start the day!

Eva said...

You are so fortunate to live close to the sea. I would love that. What kind of letter did Pip send?