Saturday, 30 April 2016

Holiday Round Up

We forgot to take the lead to connect the DSLR camera to the laptop on holiday with us, so here is a holiday round up using some of the images we missed.

An Uncle visits, Tewksbury town and abbey.

Feeding the neigh-bours, Gloucester town and cathedral.

Alfresco chef, eating outside and later by lamplight.

Beautiful carrot and coriander soup with Uncle Mike and driving the tea trolley afterwards.

More steam railway pictures 

Outside our little cottage on a quiet day. Our last full day here.


  1. Those are beautiful pictures, San. I really like the church pictures. So much intricate stonemasonry work! Now how is the uncle related to you? Is he your uncle? And I love the tea trolley. I have fond memories of my grandmother's tea trolley. She used it constantly. The cottage is also very British and cute. And Benedict looks so much older. Has his voice changed?

    Have a good Sunday!

    1. Dave took the church pictures as I was busy marshalling the troops :-). The stone masonry was spectacular all that work and such a labour of love. The uncle is Dave's uncle who is his Dad's older brother. Benedict thought the tea trolley was great! Yes he is looking a lot older and his voice has definitely changed!! I think it is safe to say that he has hit the frustrated teen years :-(. I think the frustration has a lot to do with the impact the diabetes and his additional needs has on his daily living, I feel sorry for him.

      The cottage was really lovely and it was such a treat to be in the countryside. The kids were great helping out yesterday in emptying and cleaning the car. Happy Sunday to you xx

    2. You are lucky to have such a fine photographer, San. Peter does not take pictures at all, only when he travels he takes some for us, but he does not try to do anything fancy. Benedict will find his way, I am sure.

  2. I am glad that you arrived home safely, albeit after a slow journey, and that you had a lovely holiday. The cottage looks lovely. I will be in touch about popping by on a Tuesday ;)

  3. San,

    Your photos are a real treat. I now want to go into town and take some photos of buildings. I like the street scenes and churches. Enjoying good food with people we love, especially outdoors... I love doing that when we go on holiday. I also love the photo of you! So glad to hear you had a good holiday. xx

  4. San, these pictures are amazing . . the cathedral exquisite! . . that soup so yummy looking, the horses so beautiful! I love the pic of Uncle Mike and Benedict . . he does look so grown up there. What a lovely vacation you had :)

    And I love the word: Tewksbury.


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