Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Dean Forest Railway and A Poorly Pip

The day started off reasonably well and our trip for the day was The Dean Forest Railway as featured above.  We also had an extra visitor accompanying us since Uncle Andrew decided to stay on an extra day:-)  The kids were over the moon at that piece of news!  Our journey began at Norchard to Lydney Junction and back again with the view to finishing the circuit of Norchard to Parkend after lunch.

 Lovely Uncle Mike, who hosted us for lunch at his house yesterday and undertook all the driving today, a two hour round trip accompanied by an interesting commentary on the local area.

Sadly we did not manage to complete the round trip as Pip suddenly spiked a temperature and complained of pain in her back and widespread bone aches and a headache.  She had been restless in the night and had complained of a sore throat upon awakening.  Our priority was Pip so we cut the visit short and made the return journey home, it was definitely the best decision as she has been in bed since 4pm this afternoon and asleep for most of that time.

 Peter Rabbit looking after a Poorly Rabbit.

 I cannot remember the last time we actually had to use any analgesics, it has been a long while, however we have a journey home to make on Friday and so these are on standby to help should she still be unwell at that point.  I am hoping that a good night's sleep will be just the medicine she needs :-)

 Evening Sunset.

 Evening Sky.


 Flowers outside the back kitchen door.

As I type Benedict is actually asleep, despite insisting that he was not tired!!  It has been a long while since he has been asleep by 9pm, just hope he isn't sickening for something!

 Despite Pip being unwell we still had a lovely day.


Eva said...

Is that a regular train or one for tourists? I was not sure from the video.

Poor Pip! I had to smile at those medicine bottles, they look so old-fashioned somehow! I hope she will recover quickly.

Are those some kind of bell flowers? Our tulips are not open yet, too early. We have daffodils blooming. Beautiful sunset!

Jonathan also never gets to bed early, maybe a boy thing??

Sandra Ann said...

Pleased you watched the video Eva. Dave writing here... "the video is not a good example as it shows a visiting special train hauled by a diesel with a steam engine at the end. The line is a tourist line operated by steam locos and old diesels. On our visit, the loco was that shown on the other pictures here." Pip seems to be a bit better this morning so hopefully she will stay that way. The small flowers are, I think, bluebells and snow drops. San x

sustainablemum said...

I am sorry to hear that Pip has been unwell, glad to hear she is feeling a little better. Those flowers in the last picture are bluebells and whitebells ;)

Sandra Ann said...

Dave again..."Video has been replaced with one showing our loco!"

Sandra Ann said...

Oops big fail on the flower ID front!! I am pretty good as a medic though :-) X

Eva said...

I see, so it is a tourist train. The cars do not look much different from the cars the German trains used to have when I was growing up, but no steam engines :). There is a steam engine train in this area, also for tourists, but we have never ridden on it. It is so expensive! How far does that train go?

I don't think those white flowers can be snowdrops, they do look like a white version of the blue ones.

Eva said...

P.S. And thanks, Dave for the new video. That is very interesting for us all.

Eva said...

Sorry, I did not see this reply when typing my response.

dorinalouise said...

My parents took the girls when they were little on a similar kind of train ride in Connecticut. They really enjoyed it. It's so nice to have Uncle Mike talk about the area and cook for you and drive you around. He looks very knowledgeable :)

It's too bad Pip was unwell for a bit there . . but I know she got better :)