Monday, 25 April 2016

Hubble Bubble, No Parking Trouble

Uncle Andy, Dave's brother arrived today and he will be with us until Tuesday evening.  Our museum visit today was the soldiers of Gloucestershire museum
We decided to eat out for lunch and the one place we wanted to visit was this place.  Dave and Benedict had popped in yesterday for a shared latte whilst Pip and I were in the Tailor of Gloucester shop and we were really impressed with the vibe.  We were not disappointed, the food was exceptional, the gluten free range was extensive and the staff were warm and welcoming.

 Bacon and cheese burger served with rosemary french fries.  Dave and I shared a double wild boar burger served with the same fries.  The food really was exceptional.

 Soldiers of Gloucester Museum.

 Battle of Alexandria.

 The Desert Rats, spot the extra recruits!

 Now that is what I call a tidy room and bed!  I'm pretty sure this will bring back memories, eh Dad?!!  Hospital corners on the sheets too :-)

 As you can see this cross was carved with a nail, you can read about it here

Pip looking very much like Frank Spencer

Uncle Andy helping Benedict carry his Bergen back pack.  These packs can way up to 35 kilos, imagine having to carry this, whilst wearing a flak jacket, attempting to avoid enemy fire all in a sweltering 40C.

Reporting for duty.

 Pip and I in the kids area, answering a quiz about the sort of foods found in the second world war rations.

The museum albeit compact was very  well laid out with lots of interactive screens for the kids and plenty of things for them to handle.

I was spared some of the tea duty as Uncle Andy had brought a primus stove and so he cooked sausage and bacon buns for tea.  Despite the cold we ate alfresco:

   Uncle Andy and Benedict discussing the various methods of sausage cooking!

 Sometimes it really does pay to listen to a kid, Benedict cam up with the idea for the onion and chilli garnish as well as the toasted buns.  Looks like those hours watching food network are paying off :-)

 A lovely end to a happy day.


Kezzie said...

What a jolly enjoyable day out!!! The museum looks and sounds really intruiging and well worth a visit. I love the extra recruits in the pictures!!!x

Sue Elvis said...


I love reading your photo stories. That burger is huge! I think we'd enjoy going to the Hubble BUbble. I smiled when I saw Pip in the beret. You are right: Frank Spencer! It looks like you had a perfect family day. Thank you for sharing it with us! xxx

Sandra Ann said...

Yes definitely worth a visit and probably not that far from you, two hours maybe?

Sandra Ann said...

Yes I think you would all love Hubble Bubble :-). Pip is definitely a mini Frank!! Glad that you enjoyed reading about our day X

sustainablemum said...

Looks like a wonderful day out. It sounds like you are all having a lovely holiday :)

dorinalouise said...

It's so nice to find a restaurant where everyone can enjoy the food :) The wild boar sounds delicious! It's fun sharing in your adventure . . I love finding good cafes! Isn't it funny how a good cup of coffee or tea can really make one's morning bright? I recognize this instagram pic and eating outdoors is the best, even in the cold. Benedict's addition looks very tasty :)