Friday, 29 April 2016

Journeying Home

Despite my still feeling unwell we were packed and ready to go by half past nine this morning.  The first leg of the journey was fairly uneventful but by the time we hit Birmingham we had become embroiled in several tail backs due to road traffic collisions.  We had also narrowly missed an altercation with a stray traffic cone in our lane!  Needless to say I managed to stop in time but then had to endure horn pipping from lorry drivers who were oblivious to the obstruction in the road!!  It is amazing to see how people behave behind the steering wheel and traffic chaos does not bring out the best in folk :-)

We had two stops coming home, one was a planned break and the other was I am feeling to unwell and exhausted to drive break.  Costa coffee kept me going but boy was I glad to be home.  Time on the road was 8hrs for a journey that could have taken 3hrs on a straight run!  There were several times we were crawling along at 8 miles an hour!

 Second motorway stop and the kids watching "Dad's Army" on the portable DVD player.

Good to be home.


dorinalouise said...

Yes, I remember this instagram post, and I think I had been battling traffic also! It's not fun! And the trucks are so scary. Often when I drive in the city here and I'm making a right turn, I will need to stop and wait for the pedestrians to cross. The cars behind me will always beep. They know people are crossing but they just want to make noise. So exasperating. I always talk out loud so I don't get too tense. My nephew came to visit last week and he noticed the same thing . . he had to keep up a running commentary so as not to get stressed!

Sandra Ann said...

You are really sweet replying to every holiday post :-). We are doing ok sun is shining today! Hope you are all ok xx

Kezzie said...

I'm sorry that you had such a scary time and difficult journey! It's amazing how awful people can be on the road. On our way back from Northumberland, we noticed how much more badly behaved people are in the South!x