Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday Wanderings and Wonderings

I think I have succumbed to the same virus that floored Pip during the latter part of our holiday, whether you are homeschooling or not there are no sick days for mothers!  Pip also was in a peculiar mood so we bailed on desk work once she had completed her maths for the day and instead we attended a newly formed Home Ed Art Group that will be meeting on a monthly basis.  It was good to reconnect with some familiar faces and to also meet knew folk.  Pip really enjoyed the afternoon, she painted some stones for decoration which will need varnishing and was creative with some paper cups, making a fairy house and a light house.

Benedict had a great day with Shein, they took Bella the dog for a walk followed by lunch and then an afternoon swimming.  He was in good spirits when he arrived home which was greatly appreciated since at that point, I was once more feeling unwell.  Benedict stepped into the breach and made dinner with the occasional input from Pip, they worked together as a team and there was no fighting!  Nothing short of a miracle :-)

 A family stand by, cajun spiced potato wedges, tuna mayonnaise and salad.

After we had eaten the kids made a pot of tea and camped out in my room, it was then that I read the very sad news about Dorina's dad passing away and so I picked up the phone and rang her :-)  It was just after noon their time in New York and it was good to chat and share across the miles.  Sometimes I have wondered about the internet and social media and I know that both can be a black hole of time wasting!  Yet if I hadn't been writing this blog I would not have "met" some very dear friends, who have supported me through some difficult moments.  I have even been fortunate enough to chat with Dorina, Eva and Sue via Skype too!

Our small city hit the news yesterday as children and parents up and down the country fought back against the ridiculousness of the current testing regimes within schools.  Those on strike attended an alternative ed-venture for the day and it was enjoyed by all , #letchildrenbechildren  the video can be watched here



  1. San

    I'm sorry to hear you're not well. It sounds like Benedict and Pip are doing a great job in the kitchen!

    I also feel very fortunate to have spoken with you via Skype!

    I will say a prayer for your friend Dorina and her father. I hope you feel better soon. XXX

  2. I am sorry to hear that you have not been well, I hope you feel better soon :). I bet you are glad that Pip is no longer in school, the SATs sound horrendous.

  3. Sorry to hear you aren't well. The dinner sounds a delicious standby. I agree with what you said about l'internet! The SATs are awful. In KS1, they used to be able to use 100squares and counters for their maths but now not allowed. It is ridiculous. The ks2.grammar test is awful too!

    1. Pip would have been sitting tests next week, instead we are getting out and about in addition to a reasonable level of desk time. Children need a well rounded education, one that includes the arts as well as nature :-)


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