Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Cathedral and A Tailor

Gloucester was on the itinerary today; we visited the Cathedral and The Tailor of Gloucester Shop.

 A rare moment, Dad actually managing to eat his yogurt and granola in peace :-)

 Breakfast phase two, an almost full English!

 Bacon, egg, tomatoes, baked beans and a slice of toast.

After a quick tidy round we sallied forth on a supposed to be short car journey into Gloucester.  As you may have guessed the time was anything but short, factor in an unpredictable Sat Nav and interesting one way system and you have an almost recipe for disaster!  After another twenty minutes of driving around I was just about to lose my sanity when we spied a designated disabled parking bay, hooray!  The cathedral was a short five minute walk, phew :-)

 The stained glass windows along many of the walls were breathtaking and I don't think any photograph would truly do them justice.

 The stone work from floor to ceiling were a range of architectural styles from Norman to Medieval.

 Remember this one, Eva?!

 I loved this door.

 Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  This image was placed above the altar in the small blessed sacrament chapel where the bread and wine are consecrated before mass.  This cathedral is known as a High Anglican church and although many of the rituals are similar to those within the Catholic faith, they do not share an unbroken line of succession from St Peter to the present day and therefore are not in full communion with the Catholic church. 

 Kyneburga, Abbess of Gloucester.

 We did not manage to look around all of the cathedral, some of the places were difficult to negotiate with Dave's mobility scooter but to be fair they had installed ramps where possible.  I was also having trouble walking and was grateful for the use of Dave's walking pole, what a pair we make at the moment!  Our next stop was Pip's promised treat, a visit to The Tailor of Gloucester:

 Past college green and through the alley way lies a quaint little shop.  Keep your eyes wide open for one blink and you will miss this tiny place so loved by the mice of Gloucester:

 Pip's Peter Rabbit saying " Hello" to this blue bunny in the little upstairs museum.

 The tailors notes about the garment for his worship the mayor.

 The tailors waistcoat which Dave's mum very cleverly borrowed for a 30th birthday gift for Dave twenty years ago! I will have to take a picture of Dave's waistcoat when I get home. Just writing that makes me think where has the time gone?!

 That rascal Simpkin!

 "Mum, you can buy this really big Peter Rabbit in the shop!"  Her pleading fell on deaf ears, I think one rabbit in the family is quite enough :-)

 Bye, Bye, Simpkin and friends.


  1. Laborare est orare, hmm, I am not sure other than the Benedictine motto. How can you borrow the waistcoat? Looks like the weather was nice too! Everybody looks quite pleased and the church is very pretty.

    1. Yes it is the Benedictine motto and it was also the name of this blog in the early days :-).

      Looking back the commentary on the waistcote is confusing. Dave's mum borrowed the design and made Dave a copy of the original! It was a real labour of love :-)

    2. Ach so! (Had to say that in German.) I see, I thought you borrowed the whole thing. It must have been lots of work.

  2. Greg loves your English breakfasts! And you are so fortunate to have such beautiful cathedrals to visit! It's really breathtaking. The Tailor of Gloucester is my favorite. I recognize instagram pics :) so I haven't been missing your trip completely :) And I'm totally impressed with Dave's mum's handiwork! To have attempted that waistcoat is amazing! You'll have to maybe take a pic of it when you get home? I know . . time does go too fast. It's tricky.

  3. I so adored Beatrix Potter when I was young. Pip looks adorable with her bunny.

    We have booked to go to the Cotswolds in July for our summer holiday. I'm going to have to look how far it is from there to Gloucester, as you have me wanting a day trip!


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