Sunday, 28 February 2016

Wednesday To Sunday

It has been a busy end to the week and so I am finally managing to post late on Sunday evening! 

On Wednesday we went shopping and Pip had great fun comparing prices, weights and value for money.  She had her own money to buy a little treat and enjoyed paying for the item using the self service checkout :-)  Once home she helped make quick and easy pizza using gluten free tortillas, tomato and basil sauce and cheese.  Our top oven and grill is awaiting a new part so it was caravan cooking to the rescue once again!


On Thursday we met with our home ed friends and made a visit to the RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss.  The kids and adults enjoyed deciphering the clues for the family trail.  We saw barn owls, a peregrine, a pintail, some coots and mallards.

On Saturday we visited Kath and Mary-Grace as well as Coco the cat and Jorgan the dog!  It was a busy and interesting household :-)  We spent a cold hour or so on the beach followed by hot chocolate once home again.  Kath cooked a lovely lunch and tea and despite being up at 5:30 am that morning Pip managed to stay awake on the return journey home.

 MG who will be three in April.

 Kath and Jorgi Bear.

Today was a home day.  Pip made vegetable soup using the recipe from one of her library books:

I also completed the 30 day minimalist challenge!  I was running late for a few days because of the business of the past week but the challenge was finished today and over 426 items have left the house :-)

My reward for all that effort apart from the sense of a job well done, was a shared mug of quick chocolate mug cake!

 Phew, a job well done!


  1. Wow! Congrats on the challenge! The chocolate mug cake looks so yummy. I love hearing about your days :) Leighton Moss looks beautiful. Do you know what kind of bird you took a picture of? It looks so cute and chubby. Your time at the market with Pip sounds like fun and the pizza and soup she made look delicious. Good cooking :)

    Chanda and I can't get over Mary Grace. She's just gorgeous but she's growing too fast!!! :) Jorgi Bear is adorable. Kath's home sounds wonderful and warm and fun :)

    Good luck with getting your oven and grill fixed. Greg and I just fixed ours this morning. I'm so happy to have it working again :)

    Love to you all :) xoxo

  2. Your day at Leighton Moss sounds wonderful, Barn Owls too I am jealous! I can't believe how much Mary Grace has grown, nearly three where did that time go? Hope you have another good week.

  3. You've done amazingly on the challenge- wow!!! That gluten free tortilla looks amazing- good for her!!x


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