Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday Co-op

We met with our home school friends today and we were greeted with the news that they had acquired another pet!  They already have a dog named Alfie but now Harry the rabbit has been added to the menagerie. They discovered Harry on one of their regular walks in the nearby wood and it was obvious that he had been abandoned. Both E and A aged eight are keen animal lovers and their wish is to own an animal sanctuary when they are older, looks like they are starting early :-)  Alan their Dad is also pleased as he is no longer out numbered in a house full of females!

 "Please Mum, can we have one?!"

 A Happy Bunny

Benedict as promised made vegetable soup for lunch and it was enjoyed by all.  He has promised to make  butternut squash, chilli and peanut butter soup for next week, it was a hit with Chanda when she visited two summers ago :-)

 He just keeps on growing!  He is now at my height and can most definitely look me in the eye ;-)  And of course boys keep on growing until their late teens, so it should be interesting.

Well done Benedict for making a soup-er lunch!

After lunch Dave, Christina and the girls worked on the dog sculptures whilst Benedict, Alan and I took Alfie for a walk.  There was one interesting situation when Alfie ecstatic at having been let off the lead, saw his opportunity and scarpered across the sand,stones and into the sea!  He reminded me of Pip when she was a toddler that if you gave her an inch she would run a mile!!  Alfie however was far more obedient than Pip and did return when called.

We also had an unveiling of the copper newel caps made by Dave for Alan and Christina's garden.  It wasn't quite a ribbon cutting ceremony but still they are fine piece of workmanship:

Shiny, shiny

Another good day x


sustainablemum said...

It sounds to me like your home education is all slotting into place. I am glad that you days are full of family and happiness.

Eva said...

Poor bunny, good he was found. What is a newel cap???

Sandra Ann said...

They are often found on indoor stair banisters as a decorative feature. The copper cap serves a decorative and protective function for the garden posts.

dorinalouise said...

The copper cap is beautiful. Kudos to Dave. I love copper. It's such an interesting element :)

Pip's smile is lovely and the bunny is adorable. I think I would like to have a bunny if we didn't have the cats . . ! I've also always desired to have a hedgehog . . well, maybe not so much anymore, but when the girls were little I remember wanting one terribly . . funny.

I can't believe how tall Benedict is getting! It always amazes me! It's so nice to see him making a delicious meal. Could you steer me towards that recipe? Maybe Chanda will be inspired to make it for us! She's supposed to cook a meal Saturday nights but has been so busy lately . . she can't this Saturday night, but maybe she can plan for Sunday. I really miss having them make dinner . .

I see that the door is partially open in the kitchen! Nice weather?! I see some sunshine! We had sun earlier this morning but now it has gone away . . yesterday and the day before it rained and rained. It's been warmer here, in the upper 40's. It's supposed to go up to 55 today (about 11 celcius I think).

Kezzie said...

Oh the lovely bunny! I want a rabbit!!! We are out and go away too much for one though!xx
I'd like to try that soup- do you have a recipe at all!?x

Sandra Ann said...

Do you mean the butternut squash soup? If yes I will post the recipe x

Sandra Ann said...

Will hopefully share the recipe over the weekend, to late to post now :-)

We have been out and about as the sun has shone but boy has it been cold :-). Glad you liked Casey Neistat he is very funny and his videography is epic! X

Eva said...

Okay, why do you have to protect your garden posts?

Sandra Ann said...

On the whole you don't have to protect them but the wood in these posts had split and rain ingress could cause the wood to rot so Dave was asked to make the caps :-)

Eva said...

What a great idea!