Monday, 22 February 2016

Busy Monday

It was Pip's first official home school day today and despite having suffered a disturbed night due to diabetic issues, I was pleased that I managed to help her have a good day :-)  Benedict spent the day with Shein as per usual, so he is absent from the photos.

Whilst I was helping Benedict organise his gym items and sort laundry, Pip under the supervision of Dave worked through the next set of Singapore Maths exercises, this girl loves maths and takes after her Dad in this respect!  Once Benedict had left for the gym we made our way to the prom:

 Choppy and Grey

 Busy Digging

 All Smiles

 A message to Dave and I from Pip

 We then made our way to The Midland Hotel, for our usual pot of tea and gluten free biscuits.  Whilst there we met a lady who was taking part of an amateur photography group and she was having trouble taking a shot of the stairs and the iconic image on the uppermost ceiling.  I offered to help and Dave snapped this shot of me!

Having fun with a tiny Cannon bridge camera

 The sun came out and so we snapped the obligatory...

 ... family selfie!

Our next stop was a trip to the library.  Pip chose an assortment of reading books both for her and Benedict.  After lunch she worked through several pages of a literacy scheme followed by a narration and copy work of her day:

The picture is her jumping for joy in the sand and I'm holding my phone taking a photograph, I love the blue bike :-)
Pip did a great job helping with tea which was earlier than usual since this evening was our first attendance at "Brownies."  As is per tradition, Rainbow Guides are carried over the threshold from one group to the other and the delight on her face says it all!  It was also a first for me as a Brownie helper, yes I will be spending my Monday evenings with a bunch of lively 7-10 year old girls!

A lovely day x 


Kezzie said...

What a day of joy!!! I love Pip's joy! And it was good, good, good to see the beach!!!x

Eva said...

What a wonderful day for you all! You even had some sunshine. Keep up the joy and good work. Love to all of you!

dorinalouise said...

Yes! So much sunshine and love and joy! I like Pip's topknot! It looks very pretty on her :) It's so nice for Dad to take part in the homeschooling. It really makes it special. We missed that with Greg . . it's so nice that Dave is there :) The prom is just . . beautiful!!!!!!! And nice writing Pip :)

Sue Elvis said...


What a happy day! I love the family selfie. It was good to see you all enjoying your time together. Thank you for sharing the beauitful photos. I especially liked the ones on the beach. I prefer going to the beach on grey days rather than on hot sunny ones. I wish I could have joined you!

sustainablemum said...

That sounds like a long and wonderful day. You must be feeling so much better to do all that in a day! I am so happy for you all that you have had such a positive start to this new journey you are taking :).

Sandra Ann said...

Yes beach days are the best x

Sandra Ann said...

The blue skies were much appreciated x

Sandra Ann said...

It was a really lovely and productive day x

Sandra Ann said...

I wish you had been with us, I rather fancy that you would enjoy a morning or even better an afternoon tea at the Midland :-)

Sandra Ann said...

We really enjoyed the day it was good to be out and about x