Saturday, 13 February 2016

All Change

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past we thought this was going to happen and instead this occurred!  There was always a caveat though and that  if Pip ever changed her mind, we would listen and so she will be joining Benedict on a learning journey as of next week.

We are very fortunate to have some solid support within the home ed community this time around.  We have The Little Flower's Group that meets fortnightly and we also have a local family nearby that up until recently we have met on alternate Mondays.  As from next week we will be meeting with our local friends twice weekly in a mini home school co-op.  The three girls are currently working on an advanced paper mache project and we are hoping that Benedict will enjoy having a go at wood work.  There will be soup to make and Alfie the dog to keep them fit and entertained :-)

Our decision has been met with a totally mixed response from stony silences to words of encouragement and understanding.  I know that the prophets of doom are coming from a place of concern about the level of stress and health in the family but that old adage, of walk a mile in my shoes rings true.  Being tied to a school routine has had an impact not only on Benedict's education but his relationship with Pip.  I am not naive enough to think that from here on in it will be a bed of roses but I do know that whatever happens we will have tried our very best and at the end of the day that is all we can do.  Here are some photographs of Monday's visit:

 First time using the peg loom.

 Checking the wire shape against the original tracing.


 Yes it can stand unaided!

 Either E or A's pug, I cannot remember which, but essentially the dog in its finished form.  Pip is also working on a pug.

 Mammoth concentration needed ...

  ... and dexterity too!  Lots of winding, folding and shaping to be had.

Since these photos were taken, Pip has worked on the dog with the help of big sister Sara, it is really taking shape :-)  So that's our news for this week, hope to catch up soon x


  1. Great sculpture, Pip! And so nice you will be doing school at home. You can always compare with Flora and see what she is doing. Those early are so magic and wonderful, enjoy your time and don't stress about what you do not accomplish, be happy about what you learn. And Benedict will be better off in the long run with having some other "child" around. All my girls really look up to Jonathan and ask him often for advice. They don't always get along, but they do love each other deeply. If ever you need help school-wise, let me know.

    Love to all of you!

  2. San,

    I'm going to join my voice to the encouraging and understanding ones. I don't suppose that surprises you! Spending lots of time learning together does draw siblings closer. I hope you all enjoy having Pip home. A bed of roses? Probably you'll all need time to adjust, but you'll be fine. Relax and enjoy each other. Pip looks like a curious and industrious little girl. I bet it's a delight to share learning with her.

    San, I've had a very busy couple of weeks and I feel I've neglected my friends. Despite the lack of comments, I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I've also been enjoying your photos on Instagram. I must get rid of some of my stuff too!

    Sending you lots of love. xxx

  3. hear! hear! i second eva and sue's thoughts. how wonderful to have a family to share this journey with. it will have its ups and downs but that's normal ;) and i see that it's rather cold by you too! sending you a big hug xoxo

  4. Yay for home education :-) (but you know how i feel about it !). No it isn't for everyone but it can be so wonderful and frankly a real blessing. For us, as a family with disabilities and chronic health concerns, homeschooling is without a doubt the single best choice for the whole family, on every level.

    {{hugs}} and prayers

  5. i think it's raining by you now too.

  6. I'm sure this is the best decision for you all, and I know that you will have taken it after much thought and prayer. Sending love and blessings xxx

  7. Only encouraging words and thoughts from here. I know that you won't have taken this decision lightly, I hope it is a better road for you to be travelling on right now :)

  8. I hope that homeschooling will work out and I am sure it will because you care so much and want it to!!! The pug is pretty cool and I loved her concentration on the peg loom!x


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