Saturday, 6 February 2016

This Week

It's been a while since I blogged and radio silence at this end usually means only one thing and that is I have been struggling with my health, caring for family members and keeping the house running at a bare minimum.  I think the previous two weeks caught up with me and my body decided to let me know in no uncertain terms :-)  Still, I have managed to snap some shots of this past week and thought I would share them here:

Monday was our "Little Flowers Group."  We were low on numbers since one family was travelling home from a christening but the rest of us had a lovely time.  Our saint for the session was St Joan of Arc, so after the usual introductory prayers, song to St Therese and memory verse, we listened to the story of St Joan and then completed a page for the notebook as well as a colouring sheet:

Benedict had some fun in the workshop on Tuesday and spent a good hour or so whittling.  We bought him some whittling tools and a book for Christmas and so he chose to have a go at a spreading implement, so here are some shots of a work in progress:

In amongst the paint tins and in front of Dad's work bench.

 Stage One Complete.

Wednesday was an unexpected home school day for Pip.  I had been up half the night battling a migraine and had only managed to settle again at half past six in the morning.  Since Dave is currently unable to drive and we do not live within walking distance to school, the only option was to teach her at home alongside Benedict.  Pip is an enthusiastic learner and easy to teach, we worked on Singapore Maths, Cooking, Reading and Religious Instruction.  Here she is wearing the apron I made her from her drawing of an angel, it is a combination of applique and machine and hand stitching:

 I think she is happy with it, don't you agree?!

On Thursday we watched the documentary "One Simple Question" produced by Teresa and Ben Carey.  The whole film from start to finish was expertly put together, the scenery was epic, the story well told and the photography just awesome.  Pip was very impressed and drew a picture of Ben battling the elements during a violent storm with Dory the ship's cat in tow, Teresa was below decks navigating.  We posted the picture to their face book page so hopefully they'll see it before too long:

The boat is named after Ben's mum.

Friday was a struggling along home day and to be honest just getting Pip to school and back was my successes for the day.  In the past seven days I have had two days in total where I have felt remotely well, not a great hit rate I know!  To keep my spirits up and as an accountability tool, I have decided to undertake the 30 day minimalist challenge; on day one you rid yourself of one item, on day two, it is two items and so on up to day thirty, whereby over four hundred items should in theory have left the house!!  Now I am not a hoarder and had a substantial clear out just before Christmas and again before I was hospitalised, so this challenge should prove interesting.  The following is a montage of items for the charity shop:

So Far, So Good!

God also gave me a great big nudge today, to remember to look for the daily joys :-)  I let that slide when I was ill and no surprise my mental and emotional well being also took a tumble!  My daily joy today is a blog link.  I found this lovely lass via another blog and her site is such a happy place :-)

Be Blessed x



  1. Good to see a post San {{hugs}} and prayers

  2. Pip's smile is beautiful and it's wonderful to see Benedict sitting by his dad's workbench whittling. The girls managed to get some woodworking in, not a lot, but they really enjoyed what they did (a spoon and animal each I think . . or at least Korrina and Morgana did . . maybe Chanda did just a spoon . . ). I hope the week goes smooth :) and you stay feeling strong and healthy. I send you a big hug xoxo

  3. Oh that is so sweet Sandra! THANK YOU! Sorry my blog was a bit of a moody and depressed place in the last week as I moved! It is getting happier again, I promise!!!
    That apron is gorgeous!!! You ARE clever. I do hope that you will be better


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